Kamsi -revisited

Published August 10, 2019 by paulandpaulasbooks

If taking your sleep is the price to pay to help this child, I urge you to take it without regret.

I visited Delta clinic Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria, yesterday to donate blood to little Kamsi (Chikanka Nwachukwu) to help her see another day. But how long will she continue to live this way?
Below is her medical report from the hospital to ascertain her medical condition. I appeal to you in every humility to help get help for her. Her time is ticking away faster than for us who are healthy.

Man is God to man…do not forget.

Rivers State University

In Kamsi’s part of the world as in most parts of the world, one must have the funds to be given treatment. If you are poor or become poor through ongoing treatment or some chance of fortune renders you poor, you are destined to die.
Every Child Lifeline Charity Foundation is newly formed, still cutting red tape and jumping hoops to collect the money needed for Kamsi and other dire needs for seven orphanages and close to 1,000 orphans.
   This is a viable link for donations:
DONATE directly to Every Child Lifeline Charity Foundation –
Polaris Bank
Douglas Road
Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria 460221
Routing/Sort# 011102793
Account # 4091208773
Incorporation papers found at – https://eveychildlife.wordpress.com/…/09/the-journey-begins/
God called us to help the children. I also know many people who cannot donate because of lack of funds. I know God is the ultimate provider and the ultimate healer.
If you are able to donate for her operation, she is in need of $10,000 USD.
    If you cannot, I earnestly ask you and your friends and their friends, and theirs to go to God in prayer and ask for a miracle for this child. I have put her on the altar before God in my prayers asking for healing – a reversal in her lack of bone marrow. She is a tiny warrior in need of God’s touch.
This is a picture of Kamsi after receiving blood from our CEO, Collins Emeghara
Kamsi’s father’s appeal for his daughter life
jhjolkp     When he says 15 million he is referring to Nigerian coin, the equivalent of $10,000 USD
I ask for a coin if you are able and do know that what we in America consider small amounts equate to more when sending to Africa or India ( we have an orphanage there as well)
I ask and covet prayers for miracles. God has given me many and my belief in that tells me to ask you to pray and ask you to ask your friends – prayers are mightier.  May you be blessed one hundredfold in whichever path you follow in God’s will.
       ~ Paula Louise Shene, Chief Administration Officer of Every Child Lifelife Charity Foundation
Twenty-four years ago I had stage three aggressive breast cancer. I found a lump the size of a small marble on a Friday and it was removed the following Tuesday along with 19 lymph nodes. The lump grew into the size of a golf ball in four days. I had radical treatment of five months of chemotherapy and treatment of thirty-five minutes per day every day including weekends for five weeks of radiation – most people die of other causes from the treatment.
There were people from coast to coast in the United States praying for my recovery.
I believe the prayers of those who believe in God’s mercy and grace and healing can help bring a miracle to Kamsi.
This is my appeal to you for her.

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