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Rick Johnson ~ Above the Cut

Published July 11, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Rick Johnson has been writing for five years.  I met him on Facebook and neither of us can remember how and when.  The start of a beautiful friendship.                   

More than likely he asked for friendship; I saw he was an author and accepted.  The reason I have enjoyed connecting with him is 1. He loves his dog 2. He has a quirky sense of humor. But it was his loving his dog that got him on my page.

Imagine my surprise when he said no one knew him on google. Totally hard to believe unless one has not done too much in the way of advertising.  I know that life gets in the way of promotion, not so much the writing because the voices never shut up until their story is told.

I grabbed one of Rick Johnson’s books – the free preview chapters of Trailer Trash because he is working on volume two and I wanted to see what his fans were raving about.  trailer trash51Y7tZeKJ6L

Well, I needed to go and buy the rest of the book because he reminds me of Evanovich – taking a straightforward story and making it highly amusing. He’s got another fan.

When I asked him if he was willing to give me an interview, he said, “Sure but don’t look for typical author answers though, lol.”

I said, “I don’t, that’s why I offered.”


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?                                                                      When my neighbors threatened to call the police on me if I didn’t quit peeking in their windows at night, I decided I needed a hobby. Thus, the writing began. I’m only joking about peeking at the neighbors. Seriously, have you seen them?       

How long does it take you to write a book?                                                                                     It generally takes me a few months and in some cases up to a year to write a book.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?                                                                  My writing schedule is scheduled around my dog’s naps.

 What would you say is your interesting writer’s quirk?                                                               That I’m barely intelligent enough to write a book.

How do books get published?                                                                                                               I’ve done traditional and self-publishing

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?                                                      The voices in my head. Don’t worry. We’re friends.

When did you write your first book and how old were you?                                                           My first book came out in 2013 when I was younger than I am now.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?                                                                              Hang with my dog

What does your family think of your writing?                                                                                   They were excited at first and thought I would become a wealthy, famous writer, move to Hollywood, and hang with Mel Gibson and Miley Cyrus. Now, they’re just like, “Dude, since you go to Walmart all the time do you mind snagging me some four-ply toilet paper?”

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?                 That I still have an active imagination. You know. Those wild teenage years. Loss of brain cells and stuff.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?                                                        I’ve have written six of my own books and two others with a co-author. It’s hard to pick out a favorite because each is so different from the others.

Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer? If so, what are they?                                                  Never listen to negativity.

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?                              I do. They usually say things like, “I really enjoyed the book, but, dude, you ain’t right.”

Do you like to create books for adults?                                                                                             I do.

What do you think makes a good story?                                                                                          Interesting characters and thinking outside the box.

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?                                                               A responsible adult, but when that failed miserably, I became a writer.


For more insight into Rick Johnson’s character follow him on

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Facebook Author page         rick johnson facebook page



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Check out some more info on Rick Johnson on my sister site Paul and Paula’s Place


A Lady’s Prerogative ~ Above the Cut

Published June 3, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

A Lady Prerogative

I walked through a door marked Annabelle Anders some months back when Anders
started her trek down Regency Row. I decided to catch up and go along for the trip. I asked if I could be one of her BETA readers or possibly obtain an Arc- I was flat but needed a book fix. Oh yeah, she took pity on this reader and delivered the goods.

A Lady’s Prerogative is the second in her Ladies series.

In Nobody’s Lady, Natalie being sold to the highest bidder – A Duke, went along as a dutiful daughter but there was a problem – there was no zing, no zap, no tingle. No way!

She reappears in A Lady’s Prerogative, irrepressible as only a loving daughter, the youngest in a family of sons can be, while confined to the country manor in disgrace.

Trouble is her middle name as she chases after that special feeling needed, at least as far as she is concerned, for marriage.

This delightful tale is on pre-sale with delivery June 18, 2018

If you’ve not yet had a fix from this lady’s pen go on over to her Amazon page – grab one or two or the whole bunch; yes, she is that entertaining.

Breakthrough in explosive lawsuit against Monsanto

Published May 23, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Breakthrough in explosive lawsuit against Monsanto

by Jon Rappoport

May 23, 2018

A San Francisco lawsuit against Monsanto and its weedkiller, Roundup, is moving forward. And it’s just received a new green light from the judge in the case.

Monsanto’s lawyers are bracing for a deep level of attack, which they were hoping to avoid. The judge has ruled the jury can hear testimony on this issue: Monsanto suppressed evidence that Roundup causes cancer.

Reporter Carey Gillam has the story (The Guardian, 5/22): “At the age of 46, DeWayne Johnson is not ready to die. But with cancer spread through most of his body, doctors say he probably has just months to live. Now Johnson, a husband and father of three in California, hopes to survive long enough to make Monsanto take the blame for his fate.”

“On 18 June, Johnson will become the first person to take…

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Annabelle Anders ~ Above the Cut {again}

Published April 25, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

A new series from Annabelle Anders – the LORD LOVE A LADY series – #1 NOBODY’S LADY

Nobody's Lady

I have been experimenting with new (to me and sometimes the general reader) authors.  I was fortunate several months back to bump into a kindred spirit reader and to my delight a new author. I’ve now read three of her stories and am eagerly awaiting anything else which she blesses her readers. I have been always open to BETA and ARC reading and was given a copy after I drooled on the chance of getting an advanced reader.

In NOBODY’S LADY, Michael and Lilly sizzle. This book is written in a fashion I usually eschew but the opening scene had grabbed me, foretelling a possible bumpy but hugely satisfying ride. Within several chapters with defined chapter headings, I was hooked.  

There were several times I wanted to weep at the injustice the Regency Age embraced but knowing that life is not a series of sunshine and butterflies without the darkness and the caterpillars to spotlight the pitfalls, I had to forge on along with characters I loved and wanted only the best.

I finished this book in one sitting or rather laying wide awake pushing the button on the Kindle until the last word written, was read. A sigh of thanks escaped as I turned off the light. If you have read any Anders I do not need to urge you;  if you have not, This book will make you a fan, too.

NOBODY’S LADY is on pre-sale for publication on May 2, 2018

#2 is on its way as well!

A Lady Prerogative


Titled rakes can practically get away with murder, but one tiny little misstep and a debutante is sent away to the country. Which is where Lady Natalie Spencer is stuck after jilting her betrothed.

Frustrated with her banishment, she’s finished being a good girl and ready to be a little naughty.

Luckily she has brothers, one of whom has brought home his delightfully gorgeous friend.

After recently inheriting an earldom, Garrett Castleton is determined to turn over a new leaf and shed the roguish lifestyle he adopted years ago.

His friend’s sister, no matter how enticing, is out-of-bounds. He has a run-down estate to manage and tenants to save from destitution.

Can love find a compromise between the two, or will their stubbornness get them into even more trouble?

#2 A Lady’s Prerogative in this enticing series will be on sale June 18, 2018

Annabelle Anders, Historical Romance Writer

Annabelle Anders  ~ Above the Cut

My review of Hell in a Handbasket #2 in the Hell Series

Amazon Author page