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Mike Bollerud, Artist

Published November 30, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks


Voting ends Today! One of Mike Bollerud’s entries is up for voting in The First Ever Buffalo River Arts Gallery Online Juried Art Exhibition. To vote, please click on this URL/link, and then click like. Thank you, SO Much everyone10694474_10152860468542813_116774155580704134_o for your support!! There are Many Great pieces of Art here so click ” Like” on ALL of those you enjoy!


If you are interested in Mike Bollerud’s art, contact


Mike is a super gifted artist and is offering Calenders for 2015 that feature his artwork. Please visit his page. They are absolutely beautiful and priced reasonably at $25 US. I’ve ordered one and can’t wait to receive it.

calendar cover



Coming soon Interview with artist, the man behind the art


Thanksgiving in My Heart

Published November 27, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

Having a thankful spirit on our annual Thanksgiving Day is a given even when we are in need.  The programs that abound throughout the year ramp up to cover more than essentials and opening doors to help the needy have been in place to make this happen.

I have much to be thankful for and while with some I will name may sound like tragedy or hardship, I count them blessings.

First and foremost I am thankful for family.  I am thankful for a husband that has not only put up with my hormonal and weight shifts, but one that has loved me through the down and nasty, as well as the up and happy times.

I am thankful for my three sons, all different in temperament, but all productive in society. Each son with a different view of the world, but each one with the same humane and loving view of family and kindness towards others, man or beast. I am thankful they all took the virtues, and not the faults of our parenting deficits.

I am thankful for the extended family and friends. All people who fall into the category of giving and ones with thanks in their heart. People who stand in the gap in times of need.

I am thankful for technology which brings loved ones close with a click.

I am thankful this winter will not hold the coldness experienced for the past ten.  I am thankful of financial blessing of enough to see us through.

I am thankful I was sent back when I had an NDE in my late thirties.  I am thankful for the strokes I had at that time.  They woke me to reality and an ending of wasting my time in pursuits that were not my true goals.  They awoke me to the beauty of the world and the thankfulness I was given another chance to fulfill my dreams rather than only embrace my responsibilities.

I am thankful for walking the path of cancer and beating it twice.  I am thankful that the breakdowns in my body during these trials came in one at a time. I am thankful despair was not a companion, only joy.

I am thankful God held me safe as I learned life is a road that can be walked with His strength. I am thankful my husband survived our near-fatal accident, and thankful he still abides with me even as physical hardships abound.

I am thankful that after almost fifty years my husband still has a gleam in his eye when he sees me.

My cup runs over with thankfulness in all and at all times in the good and the bad.  Trials make or break a spirit.  Mine wants to grow and for the ability to do so,  I am thankful.





Published November 25, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks
Invite the most people who attend and vote for you! Ya got from now until 6 p.m. (PST) TODAYtHOMAS dUDER, Tuesday the 25th
Wanna know what the prize is?
Well bring in the most to the party!
~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things



Published November 25, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

Only two days to go! – contest ends the 27th of November

Three winners of 20 pages each of edits – who among you could not use an edit?

Cat says:  Cats editisTo celebrate my 20K tweets, I will be offering a 20-page FREE sample edit to three authors.
The competition will be open from Thursday 20th November to Thursday 27th November. The winners will be chosen after a draw and the names will be announced here as well as on my FB catsedits page andTwitter account.

For a chance to win, follow these two simple rules:

1) post your book title and pitch here.
2) either post your email here too or for privacy visit the contact page.

Good Luck!

NOTE: Only the first 20 pages will be Free. Should you wish for a complete edit of your manuscript afterwards, you will have to pay for the rest.