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Above The Cut – Thomas Duder – part 2 – Anubis Unit

Published April 27, 2016 by paulandpaulasbooks

Mister Thomas Duder








It is time to meet another side to the personality and talent of Thomas Duder:


ANUBIS UNIT is a Heavy metal/hard rock/punk band.  Most of their songs are heavier than Metallica or Led Zepplin.

In my childhood and teen years, Pete Seeger and Joan Baez were doing social activism through their folk music.  There are strains of social activism in this band’s message and have the making of today’s troubadours.

Actually, this is them, in their own words:

The names are:




anubis unit

Anubis Unit


My favorite is Another Prom Song (With Zombies)

To follow:

Anubis Unit the Website –
Anubis Unit the Twitter –
Anubis Unit the Bandcamp –
Anubis Unit the Soundcloud – tAnubis Unit the Facebook –

In answer to my question of are you willing to go out of your area? “We’d love to gig more. If anyone can pay for our tickets and our asking price, we can easily come to anywhere and gig.”

Link to my Review of Thomas Duder’s literary output

A look into his personality – interview at Paul and Paula’s Place





Internuggetathon 3.0: Third Strike Spotlight on The Booktrap Authors

Published March 24, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks

tHOMAS dUDER internuggen pixI was spotlighted last week on The Internuggetathon 3.0: Third Strike immediately following The Booktrap who offered books to lucky winners ~ really easy contest – drop in on the event that runs until April 6th at midnight NYC time or 9 pm West coast time.

Find the  thread that  says …..leave a comment to be in running to win. Contest ends at the conclusion of the event.  Paula Shene opened for the BookTrap and she is also spotlighted – tomorrow we showcase Paula Shene

Good evening, I am The Booktrap! The Booktrap as a group has over one hundred books for sale – and give away, frequently as there are authors from around the world, in many genres from Children’s books to Horror and everything in between.


This is the link to The Booktrap website

This is the doorway to the bookshelves ~

We have another portal for our readers and there are times our authors spend hours in the section, too. After all, a good writer is first a reader ~

Tonight, so far, we have another countdown of 5 eBook copies from our new author of everyone’s favorite genre, ROMANCE, Cat Nicolaou, When Time Comes – here is one link so you can check it out:

Stick around and find out what the other books are – but a hint Biography, Children, and Scifi are among the lineup.


February 2015 Treasure Hunt for The Booktrap

Published February 11, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks

treasure hunt 2015  the booktrap





The Booktrap is celebrating its 1st birthday anniversary and we are inviting you all to take part in a Treasure Hunt for a chance to win books by our wonderful authors. The winners will be announced on 28th February.

Instructions: Visit the following websites and find the answers to the questions below. Once you have gathered all the information, email your answers to along with your name.
Only the people who have sent all the answers will be eligible to enter the draw at the end of the month.  Here is the link to the 13 sites to be visited:

jumpstart – my website is  The question:  Why did I write Mandy the Alpha Dog?

Booktrap Christmas Contest ends December 25th

Published December 22, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

To select the book you want, please click on the link or the one below the books:

The Books are all SIGNED PAPERBACK EDITIONS – covers are only for the purpose of identifying the books:

glass half full different coverGlass Half Full by Sarah Jane Butfield (Travel Memoir)









walking over eggshellsWalking Over Eggshells by Lucinda Clarke (Biography)









hope for the futureHope For the Future by Lynn Whyte-Heath (Thriller)









scrag- up the hill backwardsScrag – Up the Hill Backwards by Jesamine James (Biography)









The More, the Merrier by Paula Shene (Children’s Book)








To select your choice, please click on the link below or the one above the books:



Published November 25, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

Only two days to go! – contest ends the 27th of November

Three winners of 20 pages each of edits – who among you could not use an edit?

Cat says:  Cats editisTo celebrate my 20K tweets, I will be offering a 20-page FREE sample edit to three authors.
The competition will be open from Thursday 20th November to Thursday 27th November. The winners will be chosen after a draw and the names will be announced here as well as on my FB catsedits page andTwitter account.

For a chance to win, follow these two simple rules:

1) post your book title and pitch here.
2) either post your email here too or for privacy visit the contact page.

Good Luck!

NOTE: Only the first 20 pages will be Free. Should you wish for a complete edit of your manuscript afterwards, you will have to pay for the rest.

The Booktrap Starter Kit

Published May 7, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

I recently joined The Booktrap which, for now,  has limited author seating room.  There are authors from around the world coming together to  build a base to socialize, blog, and advertise.  Needed are writers who want to advertise, but also the ones who are willing to pull their weight in being part of a team.


The cost is time and a passion to succeed.  If you are interested in joining, apply to The Booktrap HQ group


I have been utilizing one of Facebook’s easy click in asking friends over to like The Booktrap page  and in only a couple of times of asking, almost a hundred people have come over.   I appreciate your support and when I expected only a ten percent average response, I was pleasantly surprised with an inverted equation of a 90 percent turnout.   Since I’ve asked you over to my other pages as well and the turnout has been high there too, I would say this is a fairly good tool in sharing ourselves.


For my friends whom have not yet been asked, I’m on my way to you.  Facebook does not present my friends to ask in an alphabetical listing as they did several years ago,but it does keep track of those who have responded.


Catherine Lenderi, one of our administrators and resident editor, has our Booktrap Twitter   well in hand. Please feel free to follow us


Springtime bullies special illustrated edition


Catherine did up one of my books for Twitter that is near and dear to my heart.  The Peacock Writers   recently released, to an audience of pre-adolescents,  tips how not to be bullied and how not to be a bully.  It is presented in stories that children find entertaining as well as informative, in the Children’s Charity Collection entitled, Springtime Bullies, for sale on Amazon and other online sites.



See Catherine’s site for tips on usage and grammar.

Also, Catherine has been readying Our group The Booktrap  on Goodreads. Come join us!

The goal of The Booktrap is to help our authors and affiliates in marketing their writing, with the understanding that each one of us is important in the chain, and each of our links make a stronger bond.