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Nana’s Inheritance

Published March 10, 2017 by paulandpaulasbooks

Margaret Tennet


Starting life as an orphan, living with a spouse also an orphan, caring and raising children and kin for fifty-six years leaves a beautiful tribute to a couple that loved one another and all who crossed their threshold.

Knowing poverty early was a boost into responsibility. They prepared for their deaths as carefully as they lived their lives injecting restraint.  They started insurance plans early with their nickels and dimes paying towards them each month so death did not take them unaware and penniless.

While they each covered their own death, they left insurance policies as inheritances for each child.  Each was covered with the social security they worked for in those years of loving and caring and until death.

He went on ten years past leaving his wife in the care of their two youngest daughters who knew that family consists of those around you who are kin or adopted into being kin

Nana, eighty-seven, was to join her beloved Eddie, on March 6, 2017, at approximately 6:35 am. She made her passing presence known to her kin as she departed this realm. She left her body to be found by her youngest child.

Nana was prepared but in her loving and accessible way, she left herself open to being robbed of her earthly behests, her burial insurance, and even her identity.

The two sisters are left with nothing to bury their mother.  Writing this breaks my heart because I know there are other Nanas and Papas out there that have been scammed and will leave their children with nothing but memories and heartbreak on how to bury their parent or allow the beloved to go into a pauper’s grave.

One of the sisters is a daughter in law. They must try to find a way to bury their mother as they grieve her death.

I suggested a go-fund-me:  Here is the link:

Any donation is appreciated – nothing is too small when given from the heart.