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Don’t Hit, Girls

Published February 10, 2017 by paulandpaulasbooks

Different Man Once Again

Monday, January 2nd, 2017 – 3:35 am

“My grandfather helped raise me and he would read to us from the Bible about Joseph. How this man was privileged to love and raise a child not his own. There is a reason I didn’t really care when I heard Sonny or even Ben died. When my grandfather passed away, I lost the only man who ever loved me as a father.”

“When your father wouldn’t back me up and told me to quit if I didn’t like my boss hitting on me, I got depressed. I started drinking a lot more again. When your dad hit me again in the face, I gathered up and tried to sneak you three boys across state lines. They tracked our location based on my using the home phone number to charge my calls to aunt Linda in New York. The sheriff pulled us…

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