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Are The Bullies Winning?

Published September 7, 2013 by paulandpaulasbooks

Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Book World TrollsAKABullies are on display for another day. There has been a surfeit of real life animosity to ponder, or worry over, depending on your inclination.

Our leaders are rattling the sabers, calling for war against a country that says it did not do what it is accused of, and that is, gassing their citizens. The rebels fighting to take over have claimed that distinction.

If I were naïve, I would suppose that either of these regimes would be telling the truth, depending upon in which place I lived. But I have noticed over the years that most incidents we the citizens looked directly onto were in retrospect a smoke and mirrors show.

There are science fiction books that were written in the forties and fifties that mimic the landscape of today.

There is a movie, Wag The Dog, which gives perspective to the chaos. Other movies that exhibit the Orwellen police State that has jumped from the pages and screens into the streets. There are times when it seems Hollywood has the inside track of what is actually occurring while we are in the midst of the diversion.

In a war, whether it is area related, world, or racial, man does not seem to seek the high ground of negotiations but rather weapons to annihilate. The elite who are actually the controlling forces behind the thrones manipulate the masses as fodder on a chessboard.

Over fifty years ago a family rose from dubious illegal practices into the questionable avenues of governmental servitude.

Another family arose in the service of God, and a name change to reflect that walk into peaceful activism.

These were three men with the same heart, and into these men, the world’s justice wielded death.

Two were brothers in flesh, marrow, and purpose, white in color. The third brother was black skinned, raised in God’s Grace and love.

John F. Kennedy, the second son of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, sought the highest office in our country and became our 35th President, and the first Catholic to win that office. His assassination on November 22, 1963 pierced the heart of America.

The second brother, in mind and determination, wore a different skin tone. He prodded, at brother one and brother three to do what they were called to do. He advocated equality and justice through peaceful disobedience, but Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister was murdered April 4, 1968, and our heavens wept for his departure.

Brother number three fervent in his quest to achieve the dreams of his older brother and his brother of the heart, he also sought the highest office in America and was nominated, by the Democratic party to fight for the office of President. A short time later, he was shot three times, once in the head and twice in the back near his right armpit. Robert ‘Bobby’ Kennedy lingered in critical condition, giving promise of recovery, but passing into eternity on June 6, 1968, almost twenty- six hours after being shot. His death, so quickly following King’s, shredded the hearts of the peacemakers in America.

Those that loved the ideals these men raised in their spirits continued to fight for the advances they pursued, seeing many come to pass.

Now, we again are on a path of violence that threatens to go global and our peacemakers have gone on leaving hearts crying for a better control but being shouted down by a revenge seeking minority.

I had a dream is as vital today as it was fifty years ago but will we stem the descent into the abyss or will we turn our backs and embrace the killer mentality as we rush headlong into eternity?

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