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Ballet Lessons

Published April 26, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks

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I tend to recycle in all I do.  This tendency I attribute to my grandmother’s tutelage on Waste not, want not.

A few conversations I include in recycle/repeat, most especially where the conversation jogs a remembrance.

Carolann Keiser, the first place winner for the collection Sandcastles, where my story Sacrificial Lambs won the honor of being included in the compilation, wrote seemingly low-key narrative.  Until you realized her story, like an onion, had many layers that evoked a strong reaction.

I had  finished reading one of her stories that followed my also watching a ballet short, and it pulled me back to my age between five and eight.  At that age, I loved five things, other than family.  They were drawing, reading, horses, singing, and toe dancing.

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Born a Zpeg

Published April 25, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks


By Paula Louise Shene

Edith, as usual, was sitting at her workstation daydreaming when Joe strode in.

“What are you doing with our life credits?” he bellowed. “Are you aiming for us to be Zpegged, woman?”

Edith, a placid soul, did not yell back. She realized that Joe needed to ‘let off steam’ and the only thing he ever hurt was her eardrums. She’d need to Zpeg up some mufflers one of these days  if she remembered. While Edith had a calm disposition, she appeared to be a bit of a ditz when it came to following through on everyday life.

“Honey, Sweetheart, whatever is the problem, now?” Edith calmly asked.

“Don’t Honey, Sweetheart me. You know what I’m talking about! Your new toy in the driveway, you know, the one with the four, no make that five wheels! And a million credits price tag! That’s what I’m talking about!” Joe said in his usual…

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