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Mind Sounds

Published October 15, 2016 by paulandpaulasbooks

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Different Man Once Again

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 – 7:19 pm

Waves come in waves, for days upon days and then nothing. The longest stretches of nothing because you can’t keep on feeling. 

Nobody could forever.

Slap a hand or a face or beat a beaten heartbeat just enough times and it bruises, but the defenseless feebly defends itself with stretches of nothingness and numbness. I used to control it. Hell, I could schedule it.

The pain and the void were both mine to command.

Now I just peer and peek, the bruised and numb spectator, locked in the wrong grungy movie house, strapped to the wrong filthy theater seat. The wrong waves sneak up unscheduled, unsolicited, uninvited. The waves of waves, filthy waves of wrong.

Stop! This is all wrong! I never ordered this!

“Everything happens for a reason. God is forcing your attention.”

Lovely. Just like clockwork. Orange you glad He did?

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