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Above The Cut – Thomas Duder – part 2 – Anubis Unit

Published April 27, 2016 by paulandpaulasbooks

Mister Thomas Duder








It is time to meet another side to the personality and talent of Thomas Duder:


ANUBIS UNIT is a Heavy metal/hard rock/punk band.  Most of their songs are heavier than Metallica or Led Zepplin.

In my childhood and teen years, Pete Seeger and Joan Baez were doing social activism through their folk music.  There are strains of social activism in this band’s message and have the making of today’s troubadours.

Actually, this is them, in their own words:

The names are:




anubis unit

Anubis Unit


My favorite is Another Prom Song (With Zombies)

To follow:

Anubis Unit the Website –
Anubis Unit the Twitter –
Anubis Unit the Bandcamp –
Anubis Unit the Soundcloud – tAnubis Unit the Facebook –

In answer to my question of are you willing to go out of your area? “We’d love to gig more. If anyone can pay for our tickets and our asking price, we can easily come to anywhere and gig.”

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Above The Cut – Thomas Duder

Published April 17, 2016 by paulandpaulasbooks

Mister Thomas Duder

Thomas Duder is a talent with many strings to his bow. He is an in your face personality, one you like or do not.  Read his interview at Paul and Paula’s Place

I’ve not seen wishy-washy personalities hanging around his corner. This translates into his writing.

I have read the first two in his The Generalist series:

The Generalist series. Taboo 0: Cliche of Memories is FREE in digital form.  This is a great gateway into his world.duder generalist 0




First let me say, I am a fan of comics, Anime, and Graphic novels, a love that started in my single digit years.  Duder’s shorts and novels are action packed with writing that is graphic to the point that I can easily see his tales with the glorious pictures depicting the story. They are lush with imaginary.


duder generalist wheres the beef

Taboo 1: Where’s the Beef is well worth the asking price and propels you into his world of fantasy meets mafia meets marvel.





I will be reading the rest of this series and hope one day to indulge in seeing his word pictures as visual depictions as well.




Less than two weeks left for the Marketing of The Generalist on Indiegogo where your dollars buy perks – well worth it: check out the $1 or $5 or $7 package or splurge there are others to pick from too.


I had planned to add a review on this posting of Thomas in his heavy metal battle god role. However, to do it justice, I will be following up with a review of Anubis Unit (heavy metal/hard rock/punk) under the post: Above The Cut – Thomas Duder – Part II

(coming sooner than you think)

Link to Above The Cut – Thomas Duder – Part 2 – Anubis Unit

Link to Thomas Duder Interview

Above The Cut – Russell Cruse

Published April 3, 2016 by paulandpaulasbooks

russell cruse
Russell Cruse is a British Author, the type I tend to gravitate towards as they have a wit that is subtle yet deadly. Russell Cruse is in this class.

His Head Count has multiple body droppings scattered from the Alps ski outing to the very school the teacher in charge works. The teacher is suspected of being at the least a paedophile on up to a murderer.head count russell cruse

His actions leave you wondering if he is just a stressed out ex-husband/father taking his frustrations out on his students or someone set up for a fall.

This left me laughing in many spots and rooting for his vindication, never seeing the curveball that would neatly bring the conclusion to a home run.  Cruse’s love of puzzles and his deep research give a full bodied feel to his stories.






Russell Cruse is also a member of the Cake & Quill group. Their first release proceeds go to a charity in the LA area which provides clinical support, advocacy, and other services to mentally ill homeless.

Their first collection, Gifts From The Dark: A Miscellany of Dread, features his short story NIGHT BUS, a shivery hot ride after the swing shift at a call center.cake & quill miscellany of Dread

I have bought his two other novels,  The Circling Song, and The Rothko Room, eagerly awaiting a time frame to enjoy reading.

Follow the above-highlighted links to the books and the Cake & Quill site

Paul and Paula’s Place to read Russell Cruse’s interview