Ballet Lessons

Published April 26, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks

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I tend to recycle in all I do.  This tendency I attribute to my grandmother’s tutelage on Waste not, want not.

A few conversations I include in recycle/repeat, most especially where the conversation jogs a remembrance.

Carolann Keiser, the first place winner for the collection Sandcastles, where my story Sacrificial Lambs won the honor of being included in the compilation, wrote seemingly low-key narrative.  Until you realized her story, like an onion, had many layers that evoked a strong reaction.

I had  finished reading one of her stories that followed my also watching a ballet short, and it pulled me back to my age between five and eight.  At that age, I loved five things, other than family.  They were drawing, reading, horses, singing, and toe dancing.

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