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Learn to take proper care of love …. / Poem by Maruf Sheikh

Published October 12, 2021 by paulandpaulasbooks


Poem by Maruf Sheikh
Learn to take proper care of love ….
The crow is tired of the show.
This custom from the beginning.
He made
Who is the king of this world …..
Some people often say
Crows eat smelly food,
On the rubbish heap.
I feel calm
He’s sitting on the side of the road as much as he can,
He eats smelly food.
People in daylight.
People of innocent nature.
Killed in retaliation.
Left side of the road.
The crow came very early in the morning.
Seeing this, all the crows.
Shout, make noise
Although the family of the deceased passed by,
I don’t understand that this grief is for him.
Hearing the call of the raven.
The capital wakes up.
Vehicles have been running since morning.
Hearing the call of the raven.
Many people hear…

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