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21 Grams

Published March 29, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

 Several years ago, I wanted to combine a fact noted in Science with my belief of the death and resurrection of my Lord.  The story was not written to offend, nor do I believe my God is vengeful but rather has a sense of humor. In that vein, I have lifted some of my favorites from Biblical times and transported them to…

Science says the weight of a human soul is 21 grams: It has been stated at the time of death that a body loses exactly 21 grams; they concluded it was the soul leaving the body.

The locale is a receiving area for the souls with Heaven and Hell assembly lines in the department.


christian cross



“The work is never done,” sighed Simon.

“Yeah Simon, I know what you mean, but you got a cushy job. Mine is, gathering, hauling, then shove, and dump. All you got to do is catch and release.  Lots lighter than what I’ve got to do,” grumbled Demo.

“Not so, Demo.  From what I understand, they all weigh the same.”

“No way,” said Demo, as he hitched up his coveralls.  “You’ve got to be kidding me.  You come on over here and try my job, and then tell me that mine ain’t heavier than yours!”

“I can’t do that Demo.  There’s no crossing over the gap between us. You know that.  Or has it been so long since you signed on, you forgot?  How about the small print?” Simon asked as he sailed another soul upward.

“What small print? I didn’t see any small print when I signed on for this assignment. It looked pretty straight forward, no loopholes, and the most I had to deal with was 21 grams at a time. The only thing I’m not crazy about,  it’s a 24/7 job.  Absolutely no relaxation.  Thought there’d be some partying going on, at least,” Demo said, huffing and blowing his hair out of his eyes.

“Have you thought about talking to your boss, Lu…” Simon started to ask.

“Are you crazy?  He’d fry me on the spot!  Never mind.  It don’t pay complaining to you, and I’m not supposed to be friendly with the opposition, anyway.  Just leave me alone.”

Simon knew Demo was downcast, but there was nothing he could do for him.  It was too late. Simon was grateful he had an easy task, but still looked forward to his break time and was elated to see Little Timmie, the name co-workers lovingly called Timothy just not to his face, coming to relieve him.  After a muted but swift exchange, Simon left for his lunch break.

Timothy was an extremely quiet spirit, and he concentrated on his work, rather than engage in what he called chit chat, something he considered being a waste of time.  Being so deposed Timothy was only slightly aware of the commotion going on over in Demo’s section of the Receiving Department.




“Hey Wra,” yelled Demo, “Would you get your crew together and get over here? I can’t move this one at all.  It’s as heavy as… As all the sins of the world lumped together!  Come on,” Demo bellowed.  “H e l p!! I’m getting backed up here!” 

“Keep your cool, Dude, we’re here,” laughed Wrath.  He motioned to Demo, “Grab that end.  Greed and Gluttony, get down on that end, and you ‘Espa, the side across from Demo.  The rest of you, fill in the empty spots.  Okay, on the count of three… One, two, three, LIFT!”

Demo thinking to take control tried to shout, “Come on guys,” but ended up groaning, panting, “unt, unt, unt… ooommmppphh… DROP!”

“Jes…,”  SLAP “OWW!” 

“You watch your mouth, Vglo!  You looking to be a fried crispy, you lazy slob?!”

“I was just sayi ….”

“Yeah, I know,” bellowed Demo, whose temper was legendary, “Are you going to be the one to tell his lordship, HE’s here?”

Vglo vigorously shook his head NO, as he slunk off into the shadows.

“Any of you other ones up to telling the boss??” Demo smirked, watching the bobbing ‘NO’ heads.  “Right!  Didn’t think so.  Back to work, and if you know what’s good for you, keep your heads down and your yaps shut!”




Simon returned from his break and silently took his place.  There had been talk in the Dining Room that HE was soon to arrive and it was to be at a moment swiftly coming. Unaware it had already happened, Simon had hoped to see HIS arrival.

Simon deep in thought did not pay much attention to the chattering over on Demo’s side of the divide.  Only when getting ready for his dinner break did it occur to Simon that Demo and his crew were whispering instead of their normal clattering converse, and they were continually looking over their shoulders before returning to the whispering. A bit odd, thought Simon, but then, he wryly concluded, the whole crew was a bit odd anyway.




Upon returning from dinner, Simon asked, “Why did you not tell me HE had arrived, Little Timmie?”

I figured sooner or later all would come to light anyway, even if those big mouth workers over there,” Timothy cocked his chin towards Demo and continued, “didn’t tell you in the meantime. And don’t call me Little Timmie.  Even Paul called me Timothy.”

At least, not to your face, thought, Simon.  “I’m sorry, it just slipped out in my excitement at knowing HE has arrived.  Won’t happen again, Timothy.”

After Timothy left, Simon thought on what this would mean for his job load.  Would the packages increase or would the amount stay the same?  Man, after all, was a capricious lot.

Didn’t he know that?  He, himself almost ended up on the other assembly line.  Had not a raucous bird awaken him to the fact, he and Demo would be working side by side.  Well, he mused, no use wondering, and certainly not worrying about it.

But one thing he knew, as a smile spread wide across his face, HE had arrived about four hours ago and by his calculations, all hell would break loose in 68 hours.







Renaissance Woman

Published March 27, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks








Most people go into their lives confused with their position in society and settle into a comfortable path that may end up as a debilitating trench or confining rut.









But there is one that is a strong willed, determined, and talented person pushing aside barriers, plunging into deep waters while retaining autonomy and triumphing into a multi-talented Renaissance Woman. For several years I have wanted to interview this young lady, but she has been busy with her pursuits of college, modeling,  and art emanating from her fingertips and from photographic lenses.



She is a model as well as having a fine eye for composition and the ability to translate into images that which pleases the patrons.


sio and nature
















Today, she declared in a spirit of Spring Cleaning, a half off sale on the few remaining pieces in her 2010 collection. They are on sale for only a short time, but do look at her other pieces that are featured here.


2010 1st pix2010 3rd pix2010 4th pix2010 5th pix

2010 6th pix2010 7th pix

2010 2nd pix







Link to View 2010 sale prices or Inquire about Paintings on Siobhan Shene’s Facebook  – PM her


Even had Siobhan Shene not been my niece, I would trumpet her vocation, her outspokenness on inequities within our society, animal  and global awareness. A good woman to know and one on the path to making her dreams a reality.
sio second photo

Springtime Bullies

Published March 25, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

Our sixth Children’s Charities Collection is on the shelves – All around winner –  ALL proceeds to charity for children AND a nifty way to teach your kids NOT to BULLY or GIVE INTO BULLYING!


Springtime bullies special illustrated edition

A Fistful of Bullies, my story that appears in the collection is serialized on four blogs – please stop and read the story and take a moment to check out the sites that hosted the story ~

Biscuit Naga cover with fistful of bullies as title

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G L Briggs

Published March 12, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

 Gail Briggs pixI was able to connect with G L Briggs to discuss her Stealth Series, a trio of stand-alone books with a background story as a connector.  I met Briggs in one of the many groups I am part of, found her interesting and affable, friendship material.  It is a pleasure to find that her stories and storytelling technique reflect her personality.


I finished your book last night.   

Cool.  Did you enjoy the book? 

Yes, very much so. What I was hoping I might be able to do, is have a conversation with you about it.

Fire away.

I got a sense of where you are coming from in your paranormal and in your personality. I had read another interview of yours, and I know what runs through my head as I am doing stories.  What made you go in the direction you did with the main characters?

Not sure. I think the whole story began to tell itself once I got really started. Book one was the hardest to write, as I thought I was using my imagination. Turned out the characters were going in the direction they wanted to. If I tried to steer it the way I wanted it in my head, I always ended up rewriting scenes to fit the characters. I think the series takes a natural path, and I’m glad I didn’t interfere with its plot. 

I found it to be fast moving and enjoyable reading. I also have found that too, especially with my kid’s stories so it’s nice knowing there are other authors who get kicked to the side when the characters take over.

I once went into my writing group and had a rant about how my characters are arguing with me regarding what happens next – My characters won, and I wrote what they wanted. A successful author in the group was very pleased when I said my characters were shouting at me and wouldn’t shut up. He advised me to follow their lead. It was quite surreal to be discussing people who are only real in my books as if they were real in life. 

Not ever wanting to give away the plot, and knowing your involvement in paranormal research, what are your thoughts on using the dark side of witchcraft? 

I find the paranormal very interesting and fascinating. There are so many different aspects of the subject, and a lot of information to wade through to get to the good bits For instance, people still confuse ghosts and spirits, thinking they are the same thing, when they aren’t. I sigh in frustration when books I am reading make this fundamental mistake. 

My thoughts run scared regarding the dark side of witchcraft. People may think it’s all just ‘new agey’ stuff, but when taken seriously, and practiced, it is actually very potent and powerful and very real. I would never consider turning to the black arts, except in my books. It’s not something to mess around with, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. So my thoughts on the dark side of witchcraft are… staying away from it.

That is a confirmation of my thoughts. I understand that Karma rules in that realm yet too many dabble thinking they will not implode.

I have found that there are many Indie writers that are writing very entertaining books. I don’t normally read horror, but paranormal to me is interesting, so I figured I would give you a go.  The first, Fabled Enigma, I could not put down so was glad that I could go right into number two, Exorcism of the Species which also was a page turner.  Thankfully only having to wait a short time for number three, Forsaken. I actually liked your story so much I bought two copies so I could give one to a relative.

I’m pleased to hear that. Oh, just so you know, my paperbacks will be arriving soon for AuthorCon. Would you like me to put yours away so I don’t take them to Authorcon, as I know you like to have signed paperback copies of books you enjoy from authors you know.

Yes! They will go into my case of the author signed books. Thank you.

Now back to your characters.

Did you have specific people in mind, when using some of the characteristics or did they spring forth once you started?

Elena, the main character just evolved from the idea of the story. She is originally portrayed as a typical ‘new agey’ type person. Flowing skirts and fluffy tops, etc. Her personality showed itself slowly in the books, but her intelligence, compassion and knowledge is always there.

Thanatos is the complete opposite. She had no morals to speak of, she didn’t care what people thought of her, she never noticed anything around her in the beginning as she was too focussed on forcing people to do her bidding.

There were no specific people in my mind regarding the characters, as I wanted to simply encompass the general stereotypes to begin with and develop the characters naturally from there. The only time I included a real person and their characteristics in the book was when a good friend asked to be included in book two after reading and loving book one. I changed just enough so that only that one friend would know who the character was based on.

Are you writing anything that you wish to share with our public?

Right now I am writing a few different stories. I’ll see how they work out.

The first is a supernatural horror story surrounding psychic abilities. It is quite intense, and has a few surprises and shocks in store.

The next one is a magical fantasy adventure involving wizards and time travel. This is a fun novel and is much fun to write.

The next one is about demons again, but wholly different from the Stealth series and is leaning towards horror rather than paranormal.

Then, there is a sci-fi story I will be writing, but it’s only in the notes stage right now.

I have a vampire book I am thinking about. No, not a YA romance story, but a real horror story. 

I have so many ideas for different books, but the above are the ones I have notes on or have already started. For instance, the wizard book is 50,000 words in, the psychic horror story is 3 chapters in etc. I work on whichever story takes my fancy that day.

That’s great. Getting it down is a major thrust at finishing a story in good time. I have found that many writers have active minds along with active imaginations, and I, for one, look forward to reading whatever trips off your pen/keyboard.

Do you have any words for your fan base?

I have to say thank you. Your enjoyment of my work is uplifting and much appreciated. Without you all encouraging and enjoying, then writing would be much harder. I love reading your emails and messages, and every one is an encouragement to continue. So, thank you. I look forward to your feedback on my new works.

Thank you Gail, for allowing me to put you ‘on the spot’ so to speak, and yes, for writing totally enjoyable stories. 

I enjoyed that.

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