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Jesamine James – GIVEAWAY of Scrag up the Hill Backwards

Published February 24, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks

Scrag - Up the Hill BackwardsI’ve read Janine, Eggs and Lemons, enjoying it immensely but have had little time to go back and grab more books by Jesamine James.  She now has a giveaway of her book, for the British readers,  Scrag – Up the Hill Backwards, in printed form, over at Goodreads.

I was reluctant to read Scrag – Up the Hill Backwards because it deals with paedophilia and as a victim, I do not seek out reading of other victims.  However, since I’ve been drawn back to her writing, I read and was impressed and comforted by the reviews on Scrag – Up the Hill Backwards and decided to give it a go.  I am so captured by her account I decided to offer a sister giveaway of THREE FREE EBOOK COPIES, regardless of demographics.

Here is a shorter version of her biography:  Jesamine James began writing following an interview with the police. She was asked to write down all the events over a ten year span of her childhood to assist the compiling of a witness statement. What started out as a book of notes, slowly over a few years, became her bestselling novel ‘Scrag – Up the Hill Backwards’.

On realising she had a talent for writing, and in a bid to put the past behind her, Jesamine took a new route and published ‘The Krankies Go Dogging’ a farcical, humorous novel with an optimistic message. A bizarre novella/play soon followed:  Janine, Eggs and Lemons.

Realising she was virtually non-genre specific, and with the freedom to write whatever she wants, Jesamine is working on manuscripts which don’t fit in boxes, making her work unique and refreshing.

Scrag – Up the Hill Backwards is her biography and her overcoming.  A must read ~ have a look at some reviews:

A cautionary tale – Stella: What can a young girl do when her mom decides to leave her in the care of a human monster? What if the girl tries to warn her mom about the monster, and her mom turns a deaf ear and marries him anyway — then proceeds to overlook the blatant signs of his abuse?

I like that this book avoids detailing her step-father’s crimes; it is easy enough to read between the lines. Instead, the focus is on its devastating effect on her life. This true story should make single moms think about who they are bringing home to live with their child/children. It would be far better to raise a child alone than to subject them to this.

A genre changer – Closer to 100: Before I read Up the Hill Backwards, I would have never considered a book like this. I was strictly an action/suspense guy with the occasional scify/fantasy (but only if recommended).

I stumbled on this book through a recommendation and it has changed the way I shop for something to read. Jesamine James does such an incredible job of keeping the reader interested in reading that I was blown away. I couldn’t put down my Kindle.

It is a rough subject, but you will be encouraged in the end when you see how the Main Character, Marie, endures her torture with a strong and defiant spirit that should teach us all how easy we have life and that defeat is only a state of mind.

This is only two of the many positive reviews

The author gave me her okay to have a giveaway on my site – to win a copy, leave your name, contact information and a comment which will be kept confidential and used only as a tool to pick names at random.  CONTEST will run until the end of February, so you have only FIVE DAYS to leave your name and comment to win an eBook copy of Scrag – Up the Hill Backwards.Scrag - Up the Hill Backwards








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