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Siobhan Shene – Art & Jewelry Holiday Sale

Published December 17, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

siobhan getting ready for a shoot





It’s time to pick up some items seen these past months because Siobhan is having a  Holiday Sale!  See something you like talk to her about prices – here are several links to her art:



After your walls are adorned turn your eyes to her JewelrySiobhan

Contact her:

Renaissance Woman

Published March 27, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks








Most people go into their lives confused with their position in society and settle into a comfortable path that may end up as a debilitating trench or confining rut.









But there is one that is a strong willed, determined, and talented person pushing aside barriers, plunging into deep waters while retaining autonomy and triumphing into a multi-talented Renaissance Woman. For several years I have wanted to interview this young lady, but she has been busy with her pursuits of college, modeling,  and art emanating from her fingertips and from photographic lenses.



She is a model as well as having a fine eye for composition and the ability to translate into images that which pleases the patrons.


sio and nature
















Today, she declared in a spirit of Spring Cleaning, a half off sale on the few remaining pieces in her 2010 collection. They are on sale for only a short time, but do look at her other pieces that are featured here.


2010 1st pix2010 3rd pix2010 4th pix2010 5th pix

2010 6th pix2010 7th pix

2010 2nd pix







Link to View 2010 sale prices or Inquire about Paintings on Siobhan Shene’s Facebook  – PM her


Even had Siobhan Shene not been my niece, I would trumpet her vocation, her outspokenness on inequities within our society, animal  and global awareness. A good woman to know and one on the path to making her dreams a reality.
sio second photo