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21 Grams

Published March 29, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

 Several years ago, I wanted to combine a fact noted in Science with my belief of the death and resurrection of my Lord.  The story was not written to offend, nor do I believe my God is vengeful but rather has a sense of humor. In that vein, I have lifted some of my favorites from Biblical times and transported them to…

Science says the weight of a human soul is 21 grams: It has been stated at the time of death that a body loses exactly 21 grams; they concluded it was the soul leaving the body.

The locale is a receiving area for the souls with Heaven and Hell assembly lines in the department.


christian cross



“The work is never done,” sighed Simon.

“Yeah Simon, I know what you mean, but you got a cushy job. Mine is, gathering, hauling, then shove, and dump. All you got to do is catch and release.  Lots lighter than what I’ve got to do,” grumbled Demo.

“Not so, Demo.  From what I understand, they all weigh the same.”

“No way,” said Demo, as he hitched up his coveralls.  “You’ve got to be kidding me.  You come on over here and try my job, and then tell me that mine ain’t heavier than yours!”

“I can’t do that Demo.  There’s no crossing over the gap between us. You know that.  Or has it been so long since you signed on, you forgot?  How about the small print?” Simon asked as he sailed another soul upward.

“What small print? I didn’t see any small print when I signed on for this assignment. It looked pretty straight forward, no loopholes, and the most I had to deal with was 21 grams at a time. The only thing I’m not crazy about,  it’s a 24/7 job.  Absolutely no relaxation.  Thought there’d be some partying going on, at least,” Demo said, huffing and blowing his hair out of his eyes.

“Have you thought about talking to your boss, Lu…” Simon started to ask.

“Are you crazy?  He’d fry me on the spot!  Never mind.  It don’t pay complaining to you, and I’m not supposed to be friendly with the opposition, anyway.  Just leave me alone.”

Simon knew Demo was downcast, but there was nothing he could do for him.  It was too late. Simon was grateful he had an easy task, but still looked forward to his break time and was elated to see Little Timmie, the name co-workers lovingly called Timothy just not to his face, coming to relieve him.  After a muted but swift exchange, Simon left for his lunch break.

Timothy was an extremely quiet spirit, and he concentrated on his work, rather than engage in what he called chit chat, something he considered being a waste of time.  Being so deposed Timothy was only slightly aware of the commotion going on over in Demo’s section of the Receiving Department.




“Hey Wra,” yelled Demo, “Would you get your crew together and get over here? I can’t move this one at all.  It’s as heavy as… As all the sins of the world lumped together!  Come on,” Demo bellowed.  “H e l p!! I’m getting backed up here!” 

“Keep your cool, Dude, we’re here,” laughed Wrath.  He motioned to Demo, “Grab that end.  Greed and Gluttony, get down on that end, and you ‘Espa, the side across from Demo.  The rest of you, fill in the empty spots.  Okay, on the count of three… One, two, three, LIFT!”

Demo thinking to take control tried to shout, “Come on guys,” but ended up groaning, panting, “unt, unt, unt… ooommmppphh… DROP!”

“Jes…,”  SLAP “OWW!” 

“You watch your mouth, Vglo!  You looking to be a fried crispy, you lazy slob?!”

“I was just sayi ….”

“Yeah, I know,” bellowed Demo, whose temper was legendary, “Are you going to be the one to tell his lordship, HE’s here?”

Vglo vigorously shook his head NO, as he slunk off into the shadows.

“Any of you other ones up to telling the boss??” Demo smirked, watching the bobbing ‘NO’ heads.  “Right!  Didn’t think so.  Back to work, and if you know what’s good for you, keep your heads down and your yaps shut!”




Simon returned from his break and silently took his place.  There had been talk in the Dining Room that HE was soon to arrive and it was to be at a moment swiftly coming. Unaware it had already happened, Simon had hoped to see HIS arrival.

Simon deep in thought did not pay much attention to the chattering over on Demo’s side of the divide.  Only when getting ready for his dinner break did it occur to Simon that Demo and his crew were whispering instead of their normal clattering converse, and they were continually looking over their shoulders before returning to the whispering. A bit odd, thought Simon, but then, he wryly concluded, the whole crew was a bit odd anyway.




Upon returning from dinner, Simon asked, “Why did you not tell me HE had arrived, Little Timmie?”

I figured sooner or later all would come to light anyway, even if those big mouth workers over there,” Timothy cocked his chin towards Demo and continued, “didn’t tell you in the meantime. And don’t call me Little Timmie.  Even Paul called me Timothy.”

At least, not to your face, thought, Simon.  “I’m sorry, it just slipped out in my excitement at knowing HE has arrived.  Won’t happen again, Timothy.”

After Timothy left, Simon thought on what this would mean for his job load.  Would the packages increase or would the amount stay the same?  Man, after all, was a capricious lot.

Didn’t he know that?  He, himself almost ended up on the other assembly line.  Had not a raucous bird awaken him to the fact, he and Demo would be working side by side.  Well, he mused, no use wondering, and certainly not worrying about it.

But one thing he knew, as a smile spread wide across his face, HE had arrived about four hours ago and by his calculations, all hell would break loose in 68 hours.