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For my friend, Rosie

Published December 25, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

     “Are you sure they’re coming today?  The Red Dog asked.

“Santa said they were, you know that.  When  Santa says something, believe it.  He is a friend of Jesus.  And I’m pretty sure Jesus put him in charge of Christmas, “ said the Raggedy Boy.

“Yes, Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus birthday,  but I think He really was born sometime way back in September.”  The Black and White Tiger growled.

“So we all get presents on Jesus’ birthday.  Isn’t that sort of weird.  Most people get presents on their birthday, not someone else’s birthday,”  The Red Guy that laughed a lot said in a whisper.

“I heard you, Red and the reason for that is ….   Well, I actually don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that Jesus gave us his Saving Grace and all we have to do to get that gift is to say ‘thank you, Jesus, I accept your gift,”’  said Mr. Octopus.

“Yes, and that’s all well and good, and I do believe in Jesus.  What I’m not so sure of is, are the kids coming, and if they are, will they still remember us, and will they take us with them,” all the bears sang out in harmony.

Orange Fish blubbered out, “Why do you think they’ll take us?  They didn’t even name us!”

“Oh, stop crying Fish.  The kids were really young when they got us, and then they went away for a long, long time.   It will be okay this time around.  Santa said so,” declared the Raggedy Boy.

The Stuffies and Friends had spent a long time in a large black bag out in the shed.  When it got cold, they all huddled together to keep warm, and the second time the cold came, in came a family of mice.”

”Eeek, Eeek, Eeek,”  yelled the biggest girl Mouse, Stuffie, as she pushed away from the brown creatures.

“ What are you yelling about?  Are you scared of our relatives, “ asked the Boy Mouse?

“ Those, those creatures are our relatives?  Are you sure?  They’re so brown and fuzzy, not like us at all,” huffed the big girl Stuffie Mouse.

“Of course they are, just look at their faces.  Same pointy nose, waggly tail, whiskers.  Yes, they are our family.  But it really doesn’t matter if they are related though.  They need help. Look… The babies are shivering,”  the boy Mouse said.

“Welcome!”  All the Stuffies yelled, together, ashamed of not being friendly when the small family arrived at their bag.  Their shout scared the family of mice and the small brown mice started to scatter.

“Hush,” said the Raggedy Boy to the Stuffies.    “Please come back.  Do not be afraid of us.  We’ve been stuck in this corner of the shed and have not seen anyone except a Squirrel that needed some stuffing for her nest last time it was cold.  I let her take some of my sleeves.  You look as if you could use a bit of my sleeve too.”

The boy got the name Raggedy, after the time with Mrs. Squirrel.  He was a bit of a hero to the rest of the crowd of Stuffies and Friends because he had been brave to let Mrs. Squirrel have a piece of his arm.  Even the Vampire thought the Boy was brave.

Now, everyone considered themselves brave since they rode the rapids down a large white canyon that twisted round and round.  After that,  they were blown up, down and around through a dry, warm valley.  Everyone was dizzy but nice and clean when done, needing to rest.

But, today they had a family in need, to tend.  If they all worked together, they would accomplish all that had to be done before the children arrived.

The Raggedy Boy’s sister helped Mrs. Mouse wrap her babies in the blue shirt’s cloth and some of the cream cloth from the Ragged Boy’s arm.  They had just finished getting the babies settled in when they heard a car stop and children laughing.

“I hear the kids coming.  Now shush.  All will be okay.  Santa said so,” the Raggedy Boy declared.

And so it was, as each child greeted their old friends, having some ride home in the car, so they might catch up on all the news from The Stuffies and Friends.  And to share with the Stuffies and Friends what they had been doing for the time they had been apart.


Above the Cut~Holiday last minute Picks

Published December 19, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Christmas is in sight and you still have gifts to get?  Of course, you do.  We all do.  Some of us won’t because of a lack of motivation, some of us will not because of a lack of funds. But, many it is because the perfect gift has not come to mind.

In our cyber world, we sometimes forget, the reason we are able to read and write is that as a child we were enticed into the magical world of a book.

My nose was in a book at the age of two, asking questions because my tongue was in motion along with my legs as early as nine months. I only remember back to nine months so I agree with my mother that was the time of my interest in… everything.  But, books have been my sidekick, my entertainment, my information, my teacher, my first and everlasting love.

The first books I offer up links to are a win-win for children.  The stories are delightful and all royalty goes to children’s charities. This year the focus is to raise money for the Every Child Foundation which helps Orphans in Africa.

The stories are international as our writers are from all areas of the world. We call ourselves the Peacock Writers, not in puffery but in a jewel-like facet of many colors, many talents.

whimiscal Holiday for children

A Whimsical Holiday for Children










2snowflakes on my lashes

Snowflakes On My Lashes


Keeping with our theme of Christmas around the world, this delightful story of an alien is out of this world visiting earth. His goal and absolute wish are to visit NYC but he lands far, far away. And… it is Christmas and he falls in love… with Christmas!

Told in rhyme by Chris Waddington, and illustrated by Desguptarts, this tale is sure to become a yearly treat.

The Alien who fell in Love with Christmas

The Alien Who Fell in Love with Christmas


The following story, The More The Merrier, made its first appearance in A Whimsical Holiday for Children with cartooned pictures depicting the dogs that inspired the story.  In this stand-alone story, it is found in three mediums – Kindle black and white, Kindle full color, and paperback full color with the cartoon illustrations that the fans of The Chronicles of the K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street came to love and expect.

the More the Merrier

The More The Merrier

Internuggetathon 3.0: Third Strike Spotlight on The Booktrap Authors

Published March 24, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks

tHOMAS dUDER internuggen pixI was spotlighted last week on The Internuggetathon 3.0: Third Strike immediately following The Booktrap who offered books to lucky winners ~ really easy contest – drop in on the event that runs until April 6th at midnight NYC time or 9 pm West coast time.

Find the  thread that  says …..leave a comment to be in running to win. Contest ends at the conclusion of the event.  Paula Shene opened for the BookTrap and she is also spotlighted – tomorrow we showcase Paula Shene

Good evening, I am The Booktrap! The Booktrap as a group has over one hundred books for sale – and give away, frequently as there are authors from around the world, in many genres from Children’s books to Horror and everything in between.


This is the link to The Booktrap website

This is the doorway to the bookshelves ~

We have another portal for our readers and there are times our authors spend hours in the section, too. After all, a good writer is first a reader ~

Tonight, so far, we have another countdown of 5 eBook copies from our new author of everyone’s favorite genre, ROMANCE, Cat Nicolaou, When Time Comes – here is one link so you can check it out:

Stick around and find out what the other books are – but a hint Biography, Children, and Scifi are among the lineup.


C.J. Pinard

Published June 6, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

C.J. Pinard has agreed to an impromptu interview, an off the cuff chat ~c.j. pinard phot

Paula Shene

I’m really enjoying the story,  Soul Rebel, and have not yet figured how you are going to resolve, which is great!  It was the same with your Enchanted Immortals series.  I quit reading Agatha Christie when I figured out where she was going by the third chapter.

C.J. Pinard

Ah, well, I am  flattered you put down Agatha for me – LOL!

Paula Shene

You’re welcome, but you are actually closer to Lynsay Sands.

I’ve not found your formula and this is the second story with you I’ve read – and it is in somewhat the same type genre.

C.J. Pinard 

I have heard of her but haven’t yet read.

Paula Shene

She is funny – not that this one is particularly funny, but it has the moralistic side to it – nice

C.J. Pinard 


I got a lot of complaints about Enchanted with the ‘flash forward’ switching back and forth…, but I’m not gonna change it.

Paula Shene

I agree!

I did not find that off putting at all.

It was clearly noted and maybe my ADD or multitasking side kicked into gear, and I enjoyed the shifts. I usually read three to four books at a time, so I don’t get bored.

C.J. Pinard

Did you notice I used 1946 as my year in the book?

Paula Shene

Yes, I did, and that was one of the things that I found sweet.


I wish I had more time to read! I gave up TV, but I cannot give up books!

Paula Shene

I watch several shows a week, but my reading for fun is when I get to bed.

How about an interview to feature the YA convention you’re going to? I am in the midst of pushing my anti bullying book, Springtime Bullies.

C.J. Pinard 

I didn’t know you were doing an anti-bullying book!

Interview, sure!

Paula Shene

I’m participating in a Free Kindle Giveaway that ends on the 7th of June, and I have one copy of my Springtime Bullies for free give away also on the 7th of June, on our Peacock Writer’s site blog.

Great on the interview!

I’ve read the first book of Enchanted Immortals – tell us about this series, please ~

C.J. Pinard 

Well… Enchanted Immortals is my first book. It was supposed to be one book, but you know how that goes. One turned into four. There may be a 5th if I can find the time. I have tons of ideas for it.

Paula Shene

Somewhere in passing you said, you were revamping {No pun intended}, and taking to a convention?

C.J. Pinard 

Oh. I just went through and edited all the books, cleaned them up, that sort of thing.

I am going to a book convention next month – UtopYA in Nashville. I can’t wait. It’s going to be a blast. I  have a table I’m sharing with another author, Emma Shade. She writes paranormal romance.

Paula Shene


C.J. Pinard 

Yes, it’s a convention for women writers of YA fiction.

Paula Shene

That’s super- have you read any of Emma Shade‘s books yet?

C.J. Pinard 

Yes, I edited them all

Paula Shene

Ohhhhhhhhh – nice!

Well, this sounds like you’re going for fun as well as business.

C.J. Pinard 

Yes, I do copy editing for eBooks as well as being a writer. Editing is how I started out, actually.

Paula Shene

Ah, I went the other way and like you, am doing both.

To tell you the truth, I actually started as a reader.

C.J. Pinard 

Well, so did I!

Paula Shene

As I mentioned, I read a recent WIP of yours that I enjoyed as much as the Enchanted although it was totally different – Soul Rebel.

C.J. Pinard 

That’s not a WIP! Book 1 is done.  Thank you!

I need to get book 2 out. So many projects… so little time!

Paula Shene

I read it as a WIP

I will now look for number two!

I have three on the fire and my fingers are burning – know what you mean.

C.J. Pinard 

Ha… probably the end of Summer, if I can get my act together

Yes! I have three or four. I need to concentrate on one.

Paula Shene

Right – and let’s not talk about the ones we’re editing, hmmm?

C.J. Pinard 

It’s book writing ADHD.

Paula Shene

My next one, the children’s collection is due in 10 days, so that is up on the top of the list. Sure is ADHD… Or,  ADHAHA

Alaisdair – the YA sci-fi/adventure – is kicking his heels, but he’ll wait.  .

C.J. Pinard 

I want my book Boots Beneath my Bed out by July 28th, but we’ll see.

Ah…. Cool name.

Paula Shene

So is the three Bs book – Boots Beneath My Bed.

Alaisdair Peyton is the hero and It’s started, but is only a tad into it.

I know where it is going unless he grabs it from me and runs like the dog stories do.

C.J. Pinard 

I fly by the seat of my pants when I write too. The characters dictate the story, not an outline.

Boots Beneath my Bed is a sequel to a short story I did in this book. I get hate mail about it, lol

Paula Shene

Exactly! I have a theme in mind, and the dogs snatch and run in another direction.

Why are you getting hate mail?

C.J. Pinard 

Because my story in that book didn’t have a “happily ever after”… people are mad.

So I said, I will write Miranda’s story, and finish the storyline from the time she left San Diego to where she meets Cara in Patriotic Duty.

Paula Shene

You corrected me about your Rebel book and number two is on its way – what gave you the idea and thrust for this series?

C.J. Pinard

Well. I’ve always wanted to write a book about a succubus, and then I lived in the south for four years and thought Louisiana would make a good setting for it. I have bits about New Orleans in the book, too.

Paula Shene

Yes, you do… I know I’m going to be following this series as well as the Enchanted one… so, will there be more than two books in the series?

C.J. Pinard 

I’m planning three books in the Rebel Riders series. Soul Redemption is next!

Paula Shene

Yes! At least three, that’s great news.

You have another book that just came out – military – want to tell us about that one?

C.J. Pinard 

Patriotic Duty actually came out in July of last year. The sequel, Tour of Duty came out in December 2013. This is my first contemporary romance. The story is special to me, but there will only be two books in that series.

Paula Shene

What can I say? I am thankful I ran across these as well. I should have these going well in hand by the time you get ready to pop another one on the shelf.

Now back to the Enchanted series, which I am in the midst of reading…

C.J. Pinard 

Which book are you on?

Paula Shene

I am on book 2 – no spoiler, please. Tell me where this series of stories came from and ended up on the reading shelves.

C.J. Pinard

Well, Enchanted Immortals was supposed to be one book. It’s my first. These characters came to life in my head, and I started banging out a story… then when I finished book 1, I decided that each character should get to tell their story. That’s where the flash forward/time shifts came in the book.

I always tell people – if you can get past the back and forth/time shifts, you will REALLY enjoy the story. There’s a deep plot there.

Paula Shene

I love the shifts and the double the fun thing… I am enjoying this series

C.J. Pinard

I’m so glad

Paula Shene

The characters are sweet and I love, too, the retro with the diner – when I was growing up …. umpteen years ago, I went to a diner just like that – it was coming home time for me.

C.J. Pinard 

Those diners really became popular in the 40s and 50s

Paula Shene

I was a mere toddler in the late forties and a bit of a brat in the fifties.  But my grandparents would go once or twice a year and we had a treat, those were treat times, not everyday stuff.

C.J. Pinard

That’s so awesome

Paula Shene

I know, because it is a memory that means something. My grandkids go to Friday’s regularly – will they remember that as a treat, or an every week sort of thing?

Thank you, C.J.  for stopping by.  You have been super, letting me keep you beyond your bedtime.  I know that day job is demanding.

C.J. Pinard 

Sweet! Thank you!


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tour of duty pinard cover


Soul rebel photo