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Annabelle Anders ~ Above the Cut {again}

Published April 25, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

A new series from Annabelle Anders – the LORD LOVE A LADY series – #1 NOBODY’S LADY

Nobody's Lady

I have been experimenting with new (to me and sometimes the general reader) authors.  I was fortunate several months back to bump into a kindred spirit reader and to my delight a new author. I’ve now read three of her stories and am eagerly awaiting anything else which she blesses her readers. I have been always open to BETA and ARC reading and was given a copy after I drooled on the chance of getting an advanced reader.

In NOBODY’S LADY, Michael and Lilly sizzle. This book is written in a fashion I usually eschew but the opening scene had grabbed me, foretelling a possible bumpy but hugely satisfying ride. Within several chapters with defined chapter headings, I was hooked.  

There were several times I wanted to weep at the injustice the Regency Age embraced but knowing that life is not a series of sunshine and butterflies without the darkness and the caterpillars to spotlight the pitfalls, I had to forge on along with characters I loved and wanted only the best.

I finished this book in one sitting or rather laying wide awake pushing the button on the Kindle until the last word written, was read. A sigh of thanks escaped as I turned off the light. If you have read any Anders I do not need to urge you;  if you have not, This book will make you a fan, too.

NOBODY’S LADY is on pre-sale for publication on May 2, 2018

#2 is on its way as well!

A Lady Prerogative


Titled rakes can practically get away with murder, but one tiny little misstep and a debutante is sent away to the country. Which is where Lady Natalie Spencer is stuck after jilting her betrothed.

Frustrated with her banishment, she’s finished being a good girl and ready to be a little naughty.

Luckily she has brothers, one of whom has brought home his delightfully gorgeous friend.

After recently inheriting an earldom, Garrett Castleton is determined to turn over a new leaf and shed the roguish lifestyle he adopted years ago.

His friend’s sister, no matter how enticing, is out-of-bounds. He has a run-down estate to manage and tenants to save from destitution.

Can love find a compromise between the two, or will their stubbornness get them into even more trouble?

#2 A Lady’s Prerogative in this enticing series will be on sale June 18, 2018

Annabelle Anders, Historical Romance Writer

Annabelle Anders  ~ Above the Cut

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