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Above The Cut – Russell Cruse

Published April 3, 2016 by paulandpaulasbooks

russell cruse
Russell Cruse is a British Author, the type I tend to gravitate towards as they have a wit that is subtle yet deadly. Russell Cruse is in this class.

His Head Count has multiple body droppings scattered from the Alps ski outing to the very school the teacher in charge works. The teacher is suspected of being at the least a paedophile on up to a murderer.head count russell cruse

His actions leave you wondering if he is just a stressed out ex-husband/father taking his frustrations out on his students or someone set up for a fall.

This left me laughing in many spots and rooting for his vindication, never seeing the curveball that would neatly bring the conclusion to a home run.  Cruse’s love of puzzles and his deep research give a full bodied feel to his stories.






Russell Cruse is also a member of the Cake & Quill group. Their first release proceeds go to a charity in the LA area which provides clinical support, advocacy, and other services to mentally ill homeless.

Their first collection, Gifts From The Dark: A Miscellany of Dread, features his short story NIGHT BUS, a shivery hot ride after the swing shift at a call center.cake & quill miscellany of Dread

I have bought his two other novels,  The Circling Song, and The Rothko Room, eagerly awaiting a time frame to enjoy reading.

Follow the above-highlighted links to the books and the Cake & Quill site

Paul and Paula’s Place to read Russell Cruse’s interview


Cake & Quill – Hearts & Other Dead Things

Published March 6, 2016 by paulandpaulasbooks

In the next couple of months, I will be featuring, among other reviews, links to Charity Collection Groups and their publications.  Many of the publishers  are writers in their own right and all the authors that will be featured have a heart for humanity, animal welfare, and the environment.  Cat Nicolaou, my last featured writer on Paul and Paula’s Place and her reviews on here at our Books site has a co-authored story entitled, Romantic Anonymous.  This one is a comedic look at dating and significant others and leads out the collection that are as diversely noir as are the writers  you will get to meet over the course of time.  Hearts & Other Dead Things is the second book in their charity collection.  I will be back this coming week to share another bloggers reviews and the charity picked to receive the proceeds.

Have a look at the trailer and click on the link to buy, knowing it will be going to help women in need.