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Squid McFinnigan and Honeysuckle Lane on Kindle Scout

Published May 18, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks
squid mcfinnigan
     Squid McFinnigan, an Irish Pub owner,  and marvelous writer has entered his book, Honeysuckle LaneHoneysuckle Lane in competition to be published by Amazon Kindle Scout.  He needs  a vote or two to get it moving along.
     When you enter the Kindle Scout area on Amazon for his book Honeysuckle Lane, click on the  box on the bottom of the book cover to nominate.
          Every vote is like being kissed by an angel. ~ Squid McFinnigan  
          The book offers the first 5000 words, read and be hooked. ~ Paula Shene
     Here is the link directly to Squid’s book:
      On Kindle Scout,  you can nominate three books out of the ones put forward for your approval. Here is the link to the other books in the competition.
     If he wins he is offering free advance copies – leave a comment for a chance to receive a copy, here or on his timeline, after you vote.