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Mother, God ~ & ~ Father’s Love

Published February 4, 2019 by paulandpaulasbooks

The world is in turmoil and has been since its creation. There is a Light side in which love resides. The Light grows dimmer with each encroachment of evil.

What each society calls good and evil is determined by the power in charge of that society. And eyes are shrouded to love and in evil sees righteousness.

I cannot make a judgment on another person, no matter how wrong I believe their decision may be. Their choice is part of their destiny, their contract with the Almighty, even when they do not think there is a God, or by what name they call the Great Spirit.

My spirit is very troubled by decisions made almost clandestinely, putting laws into place that were jarring to a spirit that conforms and accepts most laws.

The following poem by a fellow author and poet echoes our cries ~

I wrote this as I am troubled by what these Politicians today have done… I do not want to see Roe V Wade overturned, as that is a woman’s choice, nor do I want to see back alley abortions… But these new laws that say at birth or there after a child can be aborted??? That I do not abide… So please read, and help me give it a name…

My Thoughts are loud
But not as loud
as The voice I sometimes
The sound has laughter,
Crying, so many tones
to the sound
That reverberates
as I lay here…
I stretch,
I yawn,
I am growing
I move all around…
It is dark but warm
Sometimes quiet, others times loud,
I hear humming soft, low
coming from I know not
There are those special times
When I am floating free…
No bouncing, sloshing,
I try to show
my love
for keeping me safe
by making the sound
of our hearts beat in
Unison as
I feel my time here
has about come to an end…
I am turning, I am pushing,
I have been inside here
for almost 9 months…
I am ready to leave
this place of warmth and safety
What do those words mean???
What are those things coming in???
Why do I feel such pain
When I am ready for my
Life to begin???
Mother, God
What have I done
That you are saying
to put me to an
“Pain of a father” a digital painting
of mural concept by Dasguptarts
To help ~ please read and sign the petition to Supreme Court https://aclj.org/petitions?utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=d-02082019_top-PL_seg-REexRE20pDPTREpDFOpDRESTpFBR_typ-PT