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Above the Cut~Holiday last minute Picks

Published December 19, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Christmas is in sight and you still have gifts to get?  Of course, you do.  We all do.  Some of us won’t because of a lack of motivation, some of us will not because of a lack of funds. But, many it is because the perfect gift has not come to mind.

In our cyber world, we sometimes forget, the reason we are able to read and write is that as a child we were enticed into the magical world of a book.

My nose was in a book at the age of two, asking questions because my tongue was in motion along with my legs as early as nine months. I only remember back to nine months so I agree with my mother that was the time of my interest in… everything.  But, books have been my sidekick, my entertainment, my information, my teacher, my first and everlasting love.

The first books I offer up links to are a win-win for children.  The stories are delightful and all royalty goes to children’s charities. This year the focus is to raise money for the Every Child Foundation which helps Orphans in Africa.

The stories are international as our writers are from all areas of the world. We call ourselves the Peacock Writers, not in puffery but in a jewel-like facet of many colors, many talents.

whimiscal Holiday for children

A Whimsical Holiday for Children










2snowflakes on my lashes

Snowflakes On My Lashes


Keeping with our theme of Christmas around the world, this delightful story of an alien is out of this world visiting earth. His goal and absolute wish are to visit NYC but he lands far, far away. And… it is Christmas and he falls in love… with Christmas!

Told in rhyme by Chris Waddington, and illustrated by Desguptarts, this tale is sure to become a yearly treat.

The Alien who fell in Love with Christmas

The Alien Who Fell in Love with Christmas


The following story, The More The Merrier, made its first appearance in A Whimsical Holiday for Children with cartooned pictures depicting the dogs that inspired the story.  In this stand-alone story, it is found in three mediums – Kindle black and white, Kindle full color, and paperback full color with the cartoon illustrations that the fans of The Chronicles of the K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street came to love and expect.

the More the Merrier

The More The Merrier