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Mother, God ~ & ~ Father’s Love

Published February 4, 2019 by paulandpaulasbooks

The world is in turmoil and has been since its creation. There is a Light side in which love resides. The Light grows dimmer with each encroachment of evil.

What each society calls good and evil is determined by the power in charge of that society. And eyes are shrouded to love and in evil sees righteousness.

I cannot make a judgment on another person, no matter how wrong I believe their decision may be. Their choice is part of their destiny, their contract with the Almighty, even when they do not think there is a God, or by what name they call the Great Spirit.

My spirit is very troubled by decisions made almost clandestinely, putting laws into place that were jarring to a spirit that conforms and accepts most laws.

The following poem by a fellow author and poet echoes our cries ~

I wrote this as I am troubled by what these Politicians today have done… I do not want to see Roe V Wade overturned, as that is a woman’s choice, nor do I want to see back alley abortions… But these new laws that say at birth or there after a child can be aborted??? That I do not abide… So please read, and help me give it a name…

My Thoughts are loud
But not as loud
as The voice I sometimes
The sound has laughter,
Crying, so many tones
to the sound
That reverberates
as I lay here…
I stretch,
I yawn,
I am growing
I move all around…
It is dark but warm
Sometimes quiet, others times loud,
I hear humming soft, low
coming from I know not
There are those special times
When I am floating free…
No bouncing, sloshing,
I try to show
my love
for keeping me safe
by making the sound
of our hearts beat in
Unison as
I feel my time here
has about come to an end…
I am turning, I am pushing,
I have been inside here
for almost 9 months…
I am ready to leave
this place of warmth and safety
What do those words mean???
What are those things coming in???
Why do I feel such pain
When I am ready for my
Life to begin???
Mother, God
What have I done
That you are saying
to put me to an
“Pain of a father” a digital painting
of mural concept by Dasguptarts
To help ~ please read and sign the petition to Supreme Court https://aclj.org/petitions?utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=d-02082019_top-PL_seg-REexRE20pDPTREpDFOpDRESTpFBR_typ-PT 





How Grows Your Tree?

Published December 31, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks


In eons past, I wonder how many times I failed to cause my spirit needing fleshly clothes to set out a new path to learn once again. I shared a vision I had at the age of four so I know of several failures.


I grew up in Brooklyn off Fulton Avenue, the conduit to downtown shopping and uptown schooling. The apartment buildings were over the subway line leading to the East side where twice yearly we shopped for shoes and fabrics to cover our growing bodies.


Our block and those immediately surrounding were occupied with Black, White, Red, and Yellow…every shade from pasty white to ebony brown – our neighborhood was a united nation that actually flowed in love and acceptance through the children who saw only playmates. I was privileged while young to be the only girl in the neighborhood and accepted by the boys as one of them because I liked to play ball, skate, race, build forts and a very good pitcher of ice balls. I did not cry if I skinned a knee or took a ball in the face.


The girls came late to my neighborhood and all in the same season. I left the boys to hang with people that were not only my gender but my age except Olive, she of the ebony hue and five years my senior. Her mom was my grandmother’s assistant in the running and maintenance of our building. Olive and I were sisters even though I was the pasty white and the younger one.  I was the first born in my family and she was the last born of brothers, so our personalities meshed. We only had one fight – not argument – fight. she pulled clumps of hair from my head and I ripped her dress off. While my grandmother and her mom were hashing out our bad behavior the two of us were already outside best of friends/sisters again. We accepted all the other girls – Italian, Irish, Romany, Armenian, German, Polish, Puerto Rican while I was mixed with five different cultures and a dash of a sixth.


There were love and acceptance among the tenants for the differences as well as the unity of one’s own culture. In that environment, we had a tolerance for all. One needed help, all hands were extended. Joys shared, sorrows comforted, differences celebrated, but that truly must start within oneself.


All of us girls stayed friends until our early teens and then we all deployed into our next assignments in other neighborhoods. None of us promised to write letters because all of us knew we would not.


Now I’m in a different countrified local but we all know one another, our block and those surrounding we walk, we talk, we still share joys and sorrows. We have each other’s back. There is no us or them within our borders. People respond to kindness and in that, the differences disappear. It must start in our own heart and ripple out.


Each one of us is an island – we bear the fruit of kindness or fruit of discord. It is amazing what a smile can accomplish and what a snarl can demolish.


So, in the turning of the year when we make decisions to change or to enhance our being, how cultivated is the fruit and how grows your tree?

aged aging background bark

Photo by Fancycrave.com on Pexels.com

For my friend, Rosie

Published December 25, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

     “Are you sure they’re coming today?  The Red Dog asked.

“Santa said they were, you know that.  When  Santa says something, believe it.  He is a friend of Jesus.  And I’m pretty sure Jesus put him in charge of Christmas, “ said the Raggedy Boy.

“Yes, Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus birthday,  but I think He really was born sometime way back in September.”  The Black and White Tiger growled.

“So we all get presents on Jesus’ birthday.  Isn’t that sort of weird.  Most people get presents on their birthday, not someone else’s birthday,”  The Red Guy that laughed a lot said in a whisper.

“I heard you, Red and the reason for that is ….   Well, I actually don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that Jesus gave us his Saving Grace and all we have to do to get that gift is to say ‘thank you, Jesus, I accept your gift,”’  said Mr. Octopus.

“Yes, and that’s all well and good, and I do believe in Jesus.  What I’m not so sure of is, are the kids coming, and if they are, will they still remember us, and will they take us with them,” all the bears sang out in harmony.

Orange Fish blubbered out, “Why do you think they’ll take us?  They didn’t even name us!”

“Oh, stop crying Fish.  The kids were really young when they got us, and then they went away for a long, long time.   It will be okay this time around.  Santa said so,” declared the Raggedy Boy.

The Stuffies and Friends had spent a long time in a large black bag out in the shed.  When it got cold, they all huddled together to keep warm, and the second time the cold came, in came a family of mice.”

”Eeek, Eeek, Eeek,”  yelled the biggest girl Mouse, Stuffie, as she pushed away from the brown creatures.

“ What are you yelling about?  Are you scared of our relatives, “ asked the Boy Mouse?

“ Those, those creatures are our relatives?  Are you sure?  They’re so brown and fuzzy, not like us at all,” huffed the big girl Stuffie Mouse.

“Of course they are, just look at their faces.  Same pointy nose, waggly tail, whiskers.  Yes, they are our family.  But it really doesn’t matter if they are related though.  They need help. Look… The babies are shivering,”  the boy Mouse said.

“Welcome!”  All the Stuffies yelled, together, ashamed of not being friendly when the small family arrived at their bag.  Their shout scared the family of mice and the small brown mice started to scatter.

“Hush,” said the Raggedy Boy to the Stuffies.    “Please come back.  Do not be afraid of us.  We’ve been stuck in this corner of the shed and have not seen anyone except a Squirrel that needed some stuffing for her nest last time it was cold.  I let her take some of my sleeves.  You look as if you could use a bit of my sleeve too.”

The boy got the name Raggedy, after the time with Mrs. Squirrel.  He was a bit of a hero to the rest of the crowd of Stuffies and Friends because he had been brave to let Mrs. Squirrel have a piece of his arm.  Even the Vampire thought the Boy was brave.

Now, everyone considered themselves brave since they rode the rapids down a large white canyon that twisted round and round.  After that,  they were blown up, down and around through a dry, warm valley.  Everyone was dizzy but nice and clean when done, needing to rest.

But, today they had a family in need, to tend.  If they all worked together, they would accomplish all that had to be done before the children arrived.

The Raggedy Boy’s sister helped Mrs. Mouse wrap her babies in the blue shirt’s cloth and some of the cream cloth from the Ragged Boy’s arm.  They had just finished getting the babies settled in when they heard a car stop and children laughing.

“I hear the kids coming.  Now shush.  All will be okay.  Santa said so,” the Raggedy Boy declared.

And so it was, as each child greeted their old friends, having some ride home in the car, so they might catch up on all the news from The Stuffies and Friends.  And to share with the Stuffies and Friends what they had been doing for the time they had been apart.

Above the Cut~Holiday last minute Picks

Published December 19, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Christmas is in sight and you still have gifts to get?  Of course, you do.  We all do.  Some of us won’t because of a lack of motivation, some of us will not because of a lack of funds. But, many it is because the perfect gift has not come to mind.

In our cyber world, we sometimes forget, the reason we are able to read and write is that as a child we were enticed into the magical world of a book.

My nose was in a book at the age of two, asking questions because my tongue was in motion along with my legs as early as nine months. I only remember back to nine months so I agree with my mother that was the time of my interest in… everything.  But, books have been my sidekick, my entertainment, my information, my teacher, my first and everlasting love.

The first books I offer up links to are a win-win for children.  The stories are delightful and all royalty goes to children’s charities. This year the focus is to raise money for the Every Child Foundation which helps Orphans in Africa.

The stories are international as our writers are from all areas of the world. We call ourselves the Peacock Writers, not in puffery but in a jewel-like facet of many colors, many talents.

whimiscal Holiday for children

A Whimsical Holiday for Children










2snowflakes on my lashes

Snowflakes On My Lashes


Keeping with our theme of Christmas around the world, this delightful story of an alien is out of this world visiting earth. His goal and absolute wish are to visit NYC but he lands far, far away. And… it is Christmas and he falls in love… with Christmas!

Told in rhyme by Chris Waddington, and illustrated by Desguptarts, this tale is sure to become a yearly treat.

The Alien who fell in Love with Christmas

The Alien Who Fell in Love with Christmas


The following story, The More The Merrier, made its first appearance in A Whimsical Holiday for Children with cartooned pictures depicting the dogs that inspired the story.  In this stand-alone story, it is found in three mediums – Kindle black and white, Kindle full color, and paperback full color with the cartoon illustrations that the fans of The Chronicles of the K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street came to love and expect.

the More the Merrier

The More The Merrier

Bill Craig ~Above the Cut~Emerald Death~Night Stalker

Published December 18, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Hell of a Lady ~Above the Cut~Annabelle Anders

Published December 16, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Hell of a Lady Annabelle Anders cover

Hell of a Lady rounds out the Devilish Debutante series and finally Miss Rhododendron Mossant and Justin White meet their destiny.

Both have been attracted, both have been pushed aside, but when it is time, divine intervention shows up. What I love in her characters, they are fleshed out and matched correctly. When you read the first book in one of her series, you know you will need the next and on and on.  I’m thankful Ms. Anders walked into my reading life.

Here are the links to her other books in this series

Book 3, Hell's Belle Annabelle AndersHell’s Belle

Book 2,Hell in a Handbasket

Hell in a Hand Basket

Book 1, Hell Hath No Fury Annabelle AndersHell Hath No Fury

Book 1 Review

Book 2 Review

Book 3 Review


annabelle anders amazon

Annabelle Anders Amazon

Emma Paul, an Erotic Tradition

Published December 8, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Demon's Christmas Carol coverI have been reading Emma Paul’s erotic stories for several years, first as an asked participant and later as a fan.  Her stories always have meaningful bent and while sensual and yes, downright erotic, the storyline in Demon’s Christmas Carol, hooks over and above the HOT (and they are!) scenes.

first some critics comments ~ Brava to Ms. Paul for reminding readers that erotic romance isn’t just about the bump and grind, but about the journey the characters take to earn their HEA!–
—It’s not often that you see this level of complexity in the erotic romance genre. This felt more on par with something written by leading authors in the mainstream suspense genre.–

My review ~ This is my first time in the deep end of the pool with Ms. Paul.  I received a copy of this as a gift when it was under contract to another publisher. The story is erotic, not something I usually read but found this story with its mix of fantasy and redemption as with all my five-star books, a memorable tale set to become a traditional read during the Christmas and Holiday Season.  And, it has!

Emma Paul photoVisit Emma Paul’s Amazon page

The price for this season delight is more than affordable and much less than I would be willing to spend. Kudos to Paul.

Holly Jacobs ~ Above The Cut ~

Published November 27, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Holly JacobsAmazon

Now that Thanksgiving’s over, I can start my HollyDay Glee!!
Both Christmas in Cupid Falls (https://amzn.to/2r2FSRH) and Everything But a Christmas Eve (https://amzn.to/2ra8o4d) are on sale for $.99!

PS Not Christmasy, but Carry Her Heart and These Three Words are still on sale, too!

I have been friends with Holly Jacobs on Facebook for an undetermined amount of time but have been reading her books since she published with Harlequin.  She quickly became one of my favorite authors.

1.When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always been a reader.  Seriously, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t reading a book.  Saying that I wanted to try to be a writer was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.  Announcing a dream can be like that. But as my youngest reached school age and I realized I was going to need a grown-up job, I said the words.  I was so lucky that my family supported my attempt.  They believed in me.  That meant/means everything.

2.How long does it take you to write a book?

I’ve written a book in a month, but that doesn’t leave much time for life.  I prefer a 4-6 months schedule.  Some books take much longer.  I worked on Just One Thing for a couple years in between other projects.  It was difficult to sell.  No one could decide what it was.  Women’s Fiction? Romance?  When it finally found a home at Montlake Romance, it became my bestselling book ever.  It still continues to find new readers.  Having someone tell me that it helped them…it’s one of the most special things a writer can hear.

3.What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

I tend to work mornings.  I’ve got kids’ stuff and I’m back in school myself, plus I have my elderly family I help take care of.  So my schedule is flexible.  That’s one of the biggest gifts writing has given me…the flexibility to make my job fit into my busy life.

4.What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? 
I’d say a quirk is hearing people in my head…but I think it’s something more writer’s share. The characters come to life for me. And if I do it right, hopefully they come to life for readers, too!

5.Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

I love researching books. Sometimes I talk to someone, sometimes I read articles, sometimes…well, each situation is different.  But researching is just another form of learning and I’m a firm believer in lifelong learning (hence my being back in school).  As for where ideas come from…they’re literally everywhere.  The most important tool for finding those ideas is asking the question…what-if?  What if a maid accidentally cleans a murder scene and is now a suspect?  You get my Maid in LA Mystery series.  What if three single PTA moms miss the first meeting of the year and get stuck together on the worst committee?  They find friendship, fun…and love in my PTA Mom Collection (Once Upon a Thanksgiving, Once Upon a Christmas, Once Upon a Valentine’s).  What if?  That’s where all my stories come from.

6.When did you write your first book and how old were you?

I was in my early thirties.  My youngest was getting ready to go to school and my husband was a police officer who worked crazy weird shifts.  Writing gave me a chance to work from home and do something I love.  I was so fortunate that not only my family, but readers supported me.

7.What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

When I went back to college last year, I took a ceramics class…and fell in love.  I’m now in my third semester…still taking ceramics.  I’ve spent a lot of time blogging about the experience at Hollyworld. (https://hollyjacobs-hollyworld.blogspot.com/)


8.What does your family think of your writing? 

Like I’ve said, they’ve always been very supportive.  I’ve been so lucky in that. They’ve become accustomed to hearing me laughing as I write, or even sometimes crying.  Whenever I read Ned’s big moment in Carry Her Heart, or his opening scene in Hold Her Heart, I cry.  And I know what happens.  (It’s a happy ever after…promise!) LOL

9.Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I’m so fortunate to have so many readers who follow me from romantic comedy to sweet romances to dramas to cozy mysteries.  They hang out with me on social media and put up with my Monday Glee and odd love of buffalo plaid!  LOL They’ve been so sweet about my pottery and interests.  And mainly, they’ve stood by my writing.  Lucky.  That about sums up how I feel every single day.



The PTA Mom Collection, 9/18

Polished Off: A Maid in LA Mystery, 6/18
Holly Jacobs’ 2018 Beach Read, 5/18
Briar Hill Road, 3/18

holly jacobs christmas booksHollyJacobs.com

holly jacobs christmas book 2

For lot’s more info on Holly Jacobs head on over to

Paul and Paula’s Place for Holly Jacobs ~ Above The Cut ~ Chat

Dasguptarts~Above The Cut~Part 2

Published November 24, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks


“I’ve been to the workshops at the Highlights foundation twice and the experience along with photographs of the beautiful landscape helped make my creativity brighter. ”

Sudipta Dasgupta is the illustrator of a range of books on Amazon.

Today I was fortunate to pick up two books in the Moore Zombies series of books and number one in Wendy Knuth‘s series has it’s cover featured below:

Moore zombies cover


His talent is featured in Peanut Visits Mound State Park   by  Kathy Gerstorffcover page





page 5 (1)



22 (2)

Another book, another style, but the same versatile artist, Sudipta Dasguptas

4 - 5

8 - 9

10 - 11


22 (1)

Tako Lends a Helping Hand, written by Jenna & Dani Hickman 

check out the link immediately above – this one cannot be found on Amazon.