Day 8 feeding countries fundraiser

Published April 14, 2020 by paulandpaulasbooks

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My thought as I wrote today’s post was God how do I reach their hearts?
We have babies dying in the streets of Africa, and people starving to death in all the countries in those and surrounding areas. They are Christians, they are Muslims, they are atheists, They are Indians of many different faiths, and they are poor.
Day laborers that work and eat or do not work and do not eat. We have pleas from India and pleas from Liberia and we already made a pact on day two of asking to share all we take in. 
Waqar from his provisions was sharing but as of today, there is a total in house lockdown.
The sins of the father stopped at the age of Grace, with two commandments 1. Love God with all your heart and 2. Love your neighbor as yourself (mankind)
The link is a secure link to a Facebook fundraiser entitled Feeding Pakistan 

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