Above the Cut ~The Nudes of Dasguptarts

Published February 15, 2019 by paulandpaulasbooks

Sudipta Steve Dasgupta, the artist behind Dasguptarts is a hugely talented and successful artist.  The mural concept, “A Father’s Pain” that I shared eleven days ago on the blog, Mother, God & Father’s Love, evokes deep emotions and truly needs more of a home than a blog.

Following Gallery is in celebration of Love.

A Father’s Pain51162353_2225227224358984_2869315763234144256_n

Passion Of A MachinePassion of a Machine

Heart and Soul                                        heart n soul copy                                                                                                                                    Solitary ConfinementSolitary Confinement


Undelivered LetterUndelivered Letter

Autumn and a Widow 13-Autumn-and-a-widow

Relaxing                                  Relaxing copy

Of a Statueof a Statue

Once Upon Atrocityonce-upon-atrocity











Body and Soul            body n soul


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