The Haunting of Gospall~Above The Cut~Solomon Strange

Published October 14, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

The Haunting of Gospallthe hAUNTING OF GOSPALL

Straight up, I tend to fall into stories, walking side by side with characters, so I seldom pick up and do horror.  I did, and lily-liver-ed soul I am, I slowly read this book only in the morning hours.

Reading supernatural when one lives with it, still makes for a terror filled read. My home has several relatively recent ghosts, people I loved in the flesh and truly do not want to see mist into solid form.  And, so far they have only conversed with my daughter-in-law who handles the phantasms in her matter of fact stride.

So morning reading and experiencing the horror of exorcism, deaths supernatural but declared natural, dead men walking, no, stalking, is a story line to send me off looking for any but this to read.  But, no, the writing is concise, compelling, and commanding completion.

This book covered all the bumps in the night and more so.  If a horror book makes you gasp and go back for more,  The Haunting of Gospall is it; and the good part is, Halloween is approaching for a good read and this is it in this genre.

Interview with Solomon Strange


solomon strange

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