Sudipta Dasgupta~Above the Cut~The Artist

Published October 14, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks


I became friends  with Sudipta Dasgupta AKA Steve on Facebook several years ago but as it was a time of upheaval in my life, I knew him only in passing.

This year, my resistance to accepting the seasonal change from Summer to Fall, brought him onto one of my postings where he declared he would gladly live in a Fall world, 365 days a year.  Asking, “why?”  He showed me:

GeeseTo become a student at the Highlight’s Foundation, Steve Dasgupta needed to prove his talent.  This picture is what assured him of a 50% scholarship and a place in class to perfect his skills.

The following picture is a close up of the pond area to the right of the geese ~  you can see dragon flies in detail by clicking on the picture.


This lovely Fall picture below is background to a multitude of  possibilities ~ check out the artist at Dasguptarts


I’m Sudipta Dasgupta,  AKA Steve, in the arena of artworks – born to do illustration alongside my passion for painting.  I severed ties with the dreaded curricula of my science courses in some forlorn time. I shook hands with the dream that I always dreamed – to become an artist and to do my work every minute, every hour of my life. I ensured my life would take this course for today, tomorrow and for all time to come. My passion is my profession. I enjoy creating all forms of illustration while staying true to my love of painting as well.  To read all click on Dasguptarts


Don’t forget Halloween is fast approaching and a lovely silhouette is showcased below


Coming in the following months, Book illustrations, nudes, and oils




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