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Published August 27, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Over the many years I have been reading, I’ve done what I call glut reading.  I find a story by an author intriguing enough to try a second book and then move into reading all of their works, get caught on their planned series and then put them on a hit list to read as soon as a new book  is released.

With the classics, they wrote, but not everything was published and finding some obscure manuscript was a boon. Some authors were fairly prolific such as Agatha Christie, a famous and lauded author.

Authors have formulas and some do not deviate by even a cat’s whisker,  I enjoyed Christie’s mysteries until I was solving her mysteries by the third chapter.  The first book was a disappointment that she had not outwitted me. The following one, I also figured out who, how, and why; my disappointment now was acute because she had quite a few I had not yet read.  The next one, and a few more, so my ability on solving her stories was not a fluke, I plowed on.  And then I could not.

There were some that had their formula but the story was unique enough to carry it even with the formula, but those were few and had only a few stories.

In today’s world, if an author takes off  the trads will come after them and they will find fame and fortune for however long the trend lasts, and if they are not a ‘flash in the pan’ and have more stories to share, their following will continue.  I may or may not be in that category- it depends on their formula.

Stephen Drake has written several short stories, you can find those on his site Planet of the Oomah

I have read both of his Displaced series books, awaiting book three and read his only other offering as of this writing.  This story is considerably shorter than his Displaced series but as impressive.

The one major factor in my declaring I will follow his writing is that his formula seems to be no formula at all.  Each story is unique.  I pray he sticks with his formula.


I was blessed with a copy of BLACKWING and was ecstatic in getting my hands on this before my allowance would permit to purchase next month.

This is another book by Drake, I was unable to put aside until finished. Knowing his style from his other series, this read would be a bumpy but enjoyable ride. There is tragedy, a lot of love if one discerns it, but a walk on the faewyld is not easy for the Dark Enforcers – the storm bringers.

The belief there are seven known planes of Fae reality and the forbidden plane of the humans who are considered as cattle for the fae, instantly stirs up problems as Blackwing has been sent to hunt on the forbidden plane.

I Sincerely hope Drake will be giving us more adventures into the faewyld. This adventure left me wanting more of Blackwing and his human ‘minions’.

Blackwing stephen drake
Blackwing on Amazon
Stephen Drake Planet of the Oomah
Stephen Drake Facebook Author page
Stephen Drake Amazon Author page
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