CIVILIZATION/Stephen Drake ~ Above the Cut ~

Published August 25, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks


I am back quicker with the review for book 2 of the Displaced series because I needed to have more of the story and now that I’ve read book one and two I am chomping at the bit for book 3, Resolution.  For the completion of that I must exert patience.

Civilization (Displaced, book 2) has enlarged its population exponentially when two hundred exits a larger pod than our reluctant hero, Kevin Murdock did five years previously.  Murdock did bring with him survival skills upon arrival on this planet which even with its dangers has become a Utopia for him and his family.

With the new arrivals, again clueless, demanding, belligerent, some stupidly evil, and others totally depraved, life and survival is always at risk.

This is all book one and more.  Now I understand why some can pick up an 800-page book and ‘stick with it.’

I will say there are several heartbreaking and or grisly moments.  Just be aware, tissues should be kept within reach.

I read these books back to back and the 275, 222 words just made me thirsty for Drake’s upcoming book Resolution.



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