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Published January 22, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

Hell in a Hand Basket cover reveal

I was blessed with an ARC of Ander’s book, Hell In A Hand Basket, in exchange for an honest review.

My initial reaction was WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

From the author of Hell Hath No Fury… I was expecting a good read but one that might not be as ‘good’ as her debut book. Well, no fear, this author is going on as she started.

Hell In A Hand Basket also draws you in quickly and firmly to the characters, including the foils, the friends, the ones not as central to the plot because each one has a role to play and is a fleshed out person in their own right.

There is a scene that left my emotions raw and my eyes leaking. An author that can evoke tears of joy or sorrow has done a job few even try to attempt.

Now, I understand from covert rumblings there are more stories already in progress and while I may reserve judgment until those too are read, my fear that they will be less than Anders’ debut is no longer a worry.

This writer seems to have fallen into her genre and is leading her readers on one merry romp after another.  Truly an emotional ride to an eternal love.

Annabelle Anders, Historical Romance Writer

Annabelle Anders, Historical Romance Writer


Annabelle and I met on Facebook and immediately fell into an easy kinship discussing writing, books, and favorite authors. She recommended her hero, Mary Balogh when we were discussing means on doing the ‘dirty’ on a villain.  I mentioned a method, yet not killing, and she counted with, “That is very much like an ending to a Mary Balogh book. Do you read her?”

I was happy to say, “No, but I will.”  I’m now blitzing through all of Balogh’s books and have to agree, Annabelle’s judgment is sound.

And, Annabelle’s writing is delightful and well worth reading.



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