Catherine Mann ~ Above The Cut

Published January 13, 2018 by paulandpaulasbooks

catherine mannI first met Catherine Mann through her writing and my reading. She is a Rita Award writer so knowing and expecting her writing to be above the cut is a given.  Her latest book, The Baby Claim is set in Alaska.

It has been awhile since I read one of Mann’s books but her smooth transition into a world of high flying but yet down to earth characters are met head on where even the sensualness of the nap of rug draws you into the twists of plot quickly.

This book is a new series, where only the Alaskan Tundra is frozen.  Broderick and Glenna must try to rekindle a love lost for the sake of more than themselves. Giving away the plot is never found in my reviews.  You must experience the journey through her writing.  It is for pre-sale now at this link- The Baby Claim


catherine mann the baby claim





The second time I met Cathine Mann was on Facebook and for all our complaints of Facebook’s algorithms, spying as does Google, Facebook does give us the opportunity to connect with people that have like interests.

I connected because she is an animal advocate.  I did not realize immediately she was one of the authors I enjoyed reading.

Coupled with that and a habit of never leaving home without at least two books to read when the chance dictates, Cathy’s book was one in hand and half-finished by Christmas day.

I spent Christmas day with my youngest son and family.  Normally I am at home with my furry rescued animals and having their routine disrupted made for an over joyous reunion.

The four dogs, two large – a Pitt Terrier and a Lab/Pitt mix – jumped on me, pinning me to the sink as they washed my face, hands, any skin available, while the two ‘ankle-biter’ sized pups: a Cock-a-Poo and a Beagle/Dachshund entangled my legs hugging me tightly.  It was their rendition of, ” Thank God you’re alive!  We thought surely you were dead!”  Amidst this reunion, my purse was knocked to the floor and The Baby Claim book was sent spiraling towards the dining area.

I did retrieve The Baby Claim and put it in a safe place, not to be found until several days ago – well into the new year. I am happy to say the review above is submitted because I did finish the read.

My only resolution for 2018 is not to put anything in a safe place because the lock on that safe is usually forgotten

To connect with Cathy Woods Mann aka Catherine Mann on Facebook, click the link




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