Above The Cut – Cat Nicolaou

Published March 4, 2016 by paulandpaulasbooks

Earlier this week I reopened my doors to author interviews and Cat Nicolaou was my first guest of 2016.  Her interview can be found here at Paul and Paula’s Place    cat nicolaou


When Time Comes is a debut romance novel in the Harlequin tradition of length and substance.  Usually a first time out even with big publishers can leave the reader wanting more, but Ms. Nicolaou has the earmarks of a seasoned writer and storyteller.

This author has wonderful timing, understanding of emotions, and while the premise could have been cliche with hero worshiping, the humanness brought to the characterizations gave a bonding to the reader as well as the characters.

I look forward to more from this new writer.as time comes cat nicolaou












For her second book, Life Love and Death, Ms. Nicolaou decided to walk on the dark side of life and love and yes, death. It is a surprise from the pen of a happy ever after storyteller, but it has made me a fan anticipating whatever this new author will be presenting.

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