Published July 12, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks

lucinda E Clarke

I am brain dead this morning, trying to think of too many things to do as I get ready for my holiday. Now most people just go away. I don’t. I have to plan days and days in advance, make out dozens of lists of what I’m going to pack, ensure everything is washed, buy essentials to go into the case, then clean the house until it is squeaky clean, get all ordinary washing done and ironed and I must leave clean sheets and towels ready for our return.

A few people might just call me a little obsessive, and if you could see the lists I make, they are probably right. But it kind of extends a holiday and you can drag out the pre-holiday preparations for weeks beforehand, so you feel like you’ve had a really long break. Of course the fact that you are exhausted by the…

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