Internuggetathon 3.0: Third Strike Spotlight on The Booktrap Authors

Published March 24, 2015 by paulandpaulasbooks

tHOMAS dUDER internuggen pixI was spotlighted last week on The Internuggetathon 3.0: Third Strike immediately following The Booktrap who offered books to lucky winners ~ really easy contest – drop in on the event that runs until April 6th at midnight NYC time or 9 pm West coast time.

Find the  thread that  says …..leave a comment to be in running to win. Contest ends at the conclusion of the event.  Paula Shene opened for the BookTrap and she is also spotlighted – tomorrow we showcase Paula Shene

Good evening, I am The Booktrap! The Booktrap as a group has over one hundred books for sale – and give away, frequently as there are authors from around the world, in many genres from Children’s books to Horror and everything in between.


This is the link to The Booktrap website

This is the doorway to the bookshelves ~

We have another portal for our readers and there are times our authors spend hours in the section, too. After all, a good writer is first a reader ~

Tonight, so far, we have another countdown of 5 eBook copies from our new author of everyone’s favorite genre, ROMANCE, Cat Nicolaou, When Time Comes – here is one link so you can check it out:

Stick around and find out what the other books are – but a hint Biography, Children, and Scifi are among the lineup.



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