Thomas Duder on the Loose

Published October 7, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

I invited TThomas Duder Chrimson  Fatehomas Duder to an interview, but his schedule is quite insane.  He stopped by and handed me a post ~ all you fans out there of the hyper man by the name of Thomas Duder, have a look:



Y’know, I understand that according to Lovecraftian Mythos, there is no way for mankind to fight back.According to Lovecraft, we are indescribably tiny, helpless, impotent and useless in the grand scheme of things.

That the monsters will win, and there is nothing we can do about it. We’re not even a virus, a bacteria­sized germ particle to these creatures. We register as less than nothing to these abominations.

And yet…and yet.

Having experienced what I have, having survived what I have, having THRIVED from those experiences…

Well. I fear the murderer next door than I do monsters of any sort.

It’s one reason why I write the way I do ­ it’s not the monster in Dash that you should fear, but his unbridled human soul, his courage and dark positivity.

Frank Todd is more than just a vehicle for my own experiences but, rather, my discovery (and possibly yours too) that we humans ARE worse than the monsters. What monstrosities of eldritch manner have ever done to our kind pales in comparison to what we’ve done to each other.

And what we’ve done to THEM whenever we’ve captured one.

Dragons hide and demons act from shadows, creatures of the night NEED the night, all because of what would happen should they ever be brought to the light.

That’s the thing about Lovecraftian Mythos ­ unstoppable, unspeakably alien, yet they still must interact with us. Nyarlathotep’s story is, in the very least, one of such, and then there are the fish-people of Innsmouth.

Then there are those who, by Lovecraft’s own pen, ESCAPED, untouched save for horrid and horrifying memories.

And that’s the thing. That’s exactly the gist of it, the problem, the flaw inherently in the ideal of any unbeatable creature.

There is always a way. If they do not kill all of us, then we, as a singular creature, will make them regret ever allowing us to live.

We are a worse blight than any else Nature has ever to conceive, and with enough rage and prodding we CAN come together as one massive middle finger and fuck up any “invincible” creature’s day.

Yes, the human mind cannot comprehend the amorphous ether these beings come from. We cannot withstand the mad piping of the flutists that circle Yog­Sothoth. Yes, Cthulhu is nothing but a signpost to the Elder Gods, and R’lyeh’s location is described in several of the stories. Yes, the alien geometries alone (let alone the visage of the Necronomiconic creatures) would cause our eyes to flare out and bleed, our brains to explode…

And yet.

I tell you, the scary monsters are only fearful the first time we witness them. The second time is just as frightening.

The third time is just uncomfortable, discomforting to us.

The fourth time, we get mad.

And to the survivors will come the utmost glory of vengeance earned.

~Thomas Duder, If It Exists On The Physical Realm, It Can Be Harried, It Can Be Wounded, It

Can Be Contained, It Can Be Killed


Check him out on Amazon

And his site: The Pen is My Sword


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