Siobhan Shene, Renaissance Woman, Part II

Published June 14, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

Back by popular demand, The Model, Siobhan sio-number-3 ~


Today, she displays jewelry made by the hands of the resident artist

~ Designs by Siobhan ~

All stones are authentic and handcrafted



pink and white beads


green square beads siobhan

square beans under black light

GREEN BRACELETgreen jade necklace siobhan

amber beads siobhan

large amber and citrine beads

Octopus created at Groverfest

10409653_10100833014768734_967329051752578522_noctopus under bllack light

under black light pink tones are evident, while in daylight shown below, orange is predominant

octopus orange

And, because the street, building, walls, mural, and canvas

to your specifications artist ~

From Big ~ wall Sio

House painting



To Tiny ~ tiny canvas

And in between ~

Bee - hive wall

close up of bee

Siobhan’s  art is evident in all she accomplishes

For more information on ordering either a specific painting,  jewelry, services in painting or modeling, contact her at ~

sio in nature



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