Speaking English and Using the Correct Word

Published May 23, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

With plugin, and text-speak, our language skills are deteriorating into short-speak. While American English ‘cleaned’ out some of the ‘extra’ vowels, someone along the way decided was an unnecessary cumbersome usage, we are taking it back to infancy level, going from stilted to blurbistic babbling.

Life's Adventures

english-department-welcome Are Americans becoming lazier with each passing generation when it comes to understanding the correct context of words and when they should (or should not) be used?

Does the language from the “olden days” sound pretentious in today’s relaxed society (such as “whom” vs “who”?)  To this day, I continue to say “To whom it may concern…” when starting a letter and no particular person is addressed.

Between my personal and professional life, it is safe to say I read quite a bit and talk to a lot of people. Lately I’ve noticed an increase in the improper use of English words as many are very close in pronunciation and/or spelling, yet have different meanings.

What’s really astonishing is some of the people who flub on the word they have elected to use are regarded as highly educated people or journalists who have studied English in-depth for their career.

On the other hand…

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