The Booktrap Starter Kit

Published May 7, 2014 by paulandpaulasbooks

I recently joined The Booktrap which, for now,  has limited author seating room.  There are authors from around the world coming together to  build a base to socialize, blog, and advertise.  Needed are writers who want to advertise, but also the ones who are willing to pull their weight in being part of a team.


The cost is time and a passion to succeed.  If you are interested in joining, apply to The Booktrap HQ group


I have been utilizing one of Facebook’s easy click in asking friends over to like The Booktrap page  and in only a couple of times of asking, almost a hundred people have come over.   I appreciate your support and when I expected only a ten percent average response, I was pleasantly surprised with an inverted equation of a 90 percent turnout.   Since I’ve asked you over to my other pages as well and the turnout has been high there too, I would say this is a fairly good tool in sharing ourselves.


For my friends whom have not yet been asked, I’m on my way to you.  Facebook does not present my friends to ask in an alphabetical listing as they did several years ago,but it does keep track of those who have responded.


Catherine Lenderi, one of our administrators and resident editor, has our Booktrap Twitter   well in hand. Please feel free to follow us


Springtime bullies special illustrated edition


Catherine did up one of my books for Twitter that is near and dear to my heart.  The Peacock Writers   recently released, to an audience of pre-adolescents,  tips how not to be bullied and how not to be a bully.  It is presented in stories that children find entertaining as well as informative, in the Children’s Charity Collection entitled, Springtime Bullies, for sale on Amazon and other online sites.



See Catherine’s site for tips on usage and grammar.

Also, Catherine has been readying Our group The Booktrap  on Goodreads. Come join us!

The goal of The Booktrap is to help our authors and affiliates in marketing their writing, with the understanding that each one of us is important in the chain, and each of our links make a stronger bond.


























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