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Published July 6, 2012 by paulandpaulasbooks

By his own admission, Alan Dale has written a battle cry of a book akin to Animal Farm that is his metaphor  depicting today’s societal deficiencies wrapped in the skin of zombies.  His book debuted July 4th, entitled Code Flesh, the first book in the DNA or Dead Nations Army trilogy. Alan Dale is a journalist who has turned to pen novels based on society as he sees it.


In the early morning hours of July 4, 2012 Alan Dale says,

“If I may share….”DNA: CODE FLESH” has vaulted to the top 14K in all Kindle Sales in just under 12 hours. MY GOD. I appreciate this so much. And the KID KAT PROJECT DOES TOO! The animals benefit (and yes the author does too).”    Alan is also an animal advocate with a portion of his sales of the trilogy  going to animal rescue.  A movement near to my heart as my children set, The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street, also does the same.

Alan has interviewed and presented my piece in his The Summer 150 tour and asking him for an interview in return was no mean task.  I have thrown caution to the wind and given him the floor ~


I am Alan Dale. Long-time journalist, longtime revolutionist, lifelong rebel. I have written on sports, news, politics, education, and entertainment, having won seven national awards, mostly in my youth. I currently am back to deliver my second full-length novel, “Dead Nations’ Army Book 1: Code Flesh.” My first was “The Enternet” and my DNA story was promoted via a teaser novella that’s been out on Amazon for about 10 weeks. I also run WERZOMBIES PRESS, which focuses on a mix of entertainment, news, politics, and social issues reports. Right now I am looking to move that baby up.



Plain and simply, the first DNA book is a propaganda piece wrapped in a zombie metaphor. This is not your typical zombie story. The zombies are the victim.


This is a vehicle to educate the people of this planet that we are in serious, deep, trouble. We must fight back. The governments of this planet want us out.


The 99 percent are in jeopardy of extinction or mass civil wars. The inherited wealth have taken over, and it is their intention to have it all with us out of the way.


DNA will terrify you more for what could be than for what you actually read… And that is terrifying in itself.

The original version, a movie script, took three days to write. The novel? In actual writing time of 78,000 words? About a month, maybe three weeks. Usually I average 5-10K words a session.   I have a desire to finish the rest of the Trilogy, so I will work on DNA.


Code Mind following along with the first book in my YA series, Resurrection of Game. That’s about a

basketball team and program I used to coach and the amazing experience they had despite the odds. I will then either start my NIGEL of the UNDERDARK trilogy (also an original script) or 24=1M which will blow your minds.


Also, I am obviously working on the SUMMER 150 Tour which involves the interviews of 150 persons within the Indepedent writing world. The goal is to get them all in by the end of July. It’s goal is to help authors cross promote their works for 60 days with 149 others of their ilk. So far its gone ok.


When reading I still prefer print, but I love the relaxing, non-hand cramping set an e-book offers.


Alan goes on to tell us his pet peeves are a lack of accountability, hypocrisy, bullying, laziness, a sense of entitlement when nothing is earned, and last but not least Facebook members who have internet


When asked what has surprised  him most about being an author – his reply is indicative of his style.  He relates – How easy the change was from being a journalist. I think that training prepares you for being able to plug plot holes and also not to rely on, in my opinion the safer and easier first person POV. I use many different POVs in stories, and it seems to work. Why? Because I was trained to use 12-15 sources in a news article and yet keep the reader on task. That is a skill as well as a learned talent. Being born in Chicago and seeing so many people daily, it got easy to understand the script taking place around me despite dozens of fresh faces and voices.

Alan says he never leaves home without  – a  book (because you never know if you’ll get stuck somewhere) or my laptop (always working).

And Alan’s thoughts on receiving book reviews – the good and the bad – I like them all as long as they aren’t bots sent by trolls. Good ones boost your beliefs and unfavourable ones can drive you forward.

Alan’s  book has been released on both Amazon Kindle and CreateSpacec  Print version  


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