Published June 22, 2012 by paulandpaulasbooks

It’s time for me to do something more with the link to here then a welcome page from WordPress – I hesitated because I am involved with more sites now, then, truthfully, I can keep up to date.  But my frugality – the site was pushed on me  for free, and I do need a place to put my books.  My books on the market and my books that are free.

And links, links, links – I’ve spread my DNA – love that term now that I got mixed up on a Zombie interview tour and the name of the game is linking our blogs, our sites – weaving our dreams into reality.  

I write about social injustice and mores, in adult articles also at another link.  I write children’s stories featuring a pack of dogs that look at the humorous side of serious problems like low self- esteem, or obesity or biting.  This series serves a double purpose to entertain and educate our younger citizens on caring for animals plus give 10 percent of it’s proceeds to animal rescue.

The new series will be sci/fi/fantasy set in a prehistoric setting.  I’ll be back tomorrow to give you links, links, links and then we’ll try sharing books.     And then I think I will change the drapes, time permitting.    ..Ta for tonight.


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